Monday, September 14, 2009


Not sure if any of you recall a few months back when I applied to be on the show Wipeout, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I got a call from the casting director this afternoon and on Thursday I have my "interview" in LA.

Basically their email to me with the details states that I need to dress up like a jackass (check I can handle that although I am not sure what to go with). However my outfit will be my schtick with the show, the person I want to identify myself as to the nation. Do I want to be "cameltoe extraodinaire" in my purple suit? Do I want to be a donkey? Not so sure about this one. I am thinking about going with the theme and motto of my blog "the most unathletic athletic person around" and wear all of my medals from races but with my helmet and knee pads and wrist guards and such and just fall alot.

I also need to come up with 3 unique adjectives to describe myself....
most of mine are not adjectives (i.e. masshole really a noun). I basically need adjectives to describe the fact that I talk about bowel movements on a regular basis (perhaps inappropriate?, foul?) and that I thoroughly enjoy watching people hurt themselves and fall, especially if they are over the age of say 70 (no self control, immature, asshole, my fathers daughter?). I mean really how do I describe myself using just one word besides AWESOME of course?

I need a nickname and a battle cry/victory dance to show them. Its when they show you at the top of the obstacle course and you yell out something that could or could not sound like something asian and do something with your arms so that you can see your sillouette do it at the top. (karate kid move? the football block? ridiculously flexing my non-existent muscles?)
Bri thinks I should go with my michael flatley's lord of the dance move that I typically can only do when intoxicated. I could always do my lanky arms flailing one way while the rest of my body goes the other. I could go for my rainbow arm to the ground in the back while I hump the air.

And finally, how do I want America to remember me by? Hopefully not as the girl who died during the filming of Wipeout!

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