Thursday, September 24, 2009

nose pickah

Today was my 7th session of 10 for my rolfing series. Todays theme was "out of my head" and I certainly was out of my head by the end of the hour. This consisted of Roz releasing my neck muscles, which we do every week so that wasnt so bad. HOWEVER have you ever had someone strongly massage your gums, mouth & jaw?? Given all of my issues this year with my jaw and face problems I was dreading this session yet looking forward to it at the same time. Pain is pretty relative when you know it is going to end. The sensation is almost as if your muscles are actually tearing. She released the muscles from the outside of the face then inside my mouth. When she got to the area of my problems she felt a major blockage and I felt like I had fireworks going off in my head. At first your muscles relax then they almost feel like they are trying to eat the finger that is pushing into the face. It is really nothing that I can explain. It took alot of deep breathing to get through todays session, that is for sure. At the end she stuck her pinky finger pretty much all the way up my nose. Apparently there is like a sphincter kind of thing and if you slowly ease your finger in there, then it allows you up into an area that is great for clearing your head/sinuses. As she was about to do it I opened my eyes saw her with her plastic glove and her finger just hovering and I totally lost it. I mean it is all pretty ridiculous. What I did notice once this was over was I am standing so much taller and straighter than ever before. My shoulders are not so rounded out anymore and I am sure I will continue to notice the differences especially as I continue to practice the yoga and pilates.

Back to abusing my body...I sent in my paperwork to mentor for the upcoming spring season for the Lavaman triathlon in Hawaii!! This basically means that I will have a small group of teammates that I can slowly corrupt into people who will be comfortable talking about peeps and poops. Brian is still on board so this weekend we need to get serious about finding him a bike. Which means we should get ready to drop a whole lotta cash. It will be well worth it! I am very much looking forward to sharing some of this experience with him. I am going to have a field day with pics of him in spandex,,,,oh man I can hardly stand the anticipation.

Training this week was pretty lax.

I did some swimming Tuesday and am thinking I really need to step that up. Perhaps the new speedo I bought will make me WICKED FAST!! I am hoping that with the pilates and yoga that I will get a little stronger in the water and not get lapped by 10 year olds...a girl can dream right? I suffered through another pilates session with the tough instructor. What made it even tougher was he kept using my machine as the example, so then while everyone was starting the exercise I was just getting on trying to figure out what hand to put on what strap and where my leg should go and all that fun stuff. Rather frustrating but I will not give up until I have a rockin 6 pack. Somehow though I think that having a red velvet cupcake after every pilates session may impact that 6 pack. Darn sweet tooth!

I do feel like my body is changing a bit and I am able to stretch further than I ever recall. I am hoping all this conditioning and rolfing will give me an edge to this seasons training.

I am getting back on track with running and did a quick run through the canyons tonight. I am really hoping to learn more about heart rate training this season.

Okay this post has pretty much been a verbal diarrhea and I apologize. That is what happens when it is too hot to sit with a computer on my lap to type. We are in a bit of a heat wave if you will. I will not complain though because there are literally a few months of hot weather and thats it. More beach days to come for us!!!

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LG said...

yay for pulling the Mentor trigger!!!!
i can only imagine the T-shirts in store for your group.