Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bruising arms everywhere

I have been lucky enough to be able to ride with my top down nearly every day since moving back to Boston. While there are LOTS of difference between San Diego and Boston one MAJOR difference is that people are crazy about the "punchbuggy" punch! I never really noticed people doing it on the west coast. Here if I so happen to drive by a school when its being let out it is like mayhem. I wondered today "why are these kids all fighting and hitting eachother" then I turned my music down and realized! How fun! I want to purposely let a headlight go out so I can be a pididdle punchbuggy!

I attended a class today to check out someone for the pilates studio. I am psyched by all the interest in people who want to instruct. I REALLY need to get some muscle back though so its good timing to be "interviewing" people at the gym. I do need some hot guys though, afterall I am on the market for a gay husband or two....i'm just sayin....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

domestic diva

First things first this is my new store front for the studio. We will be the one on the left. There has been lots accomplished this week but still lots to do of course!

I have been getting back into a regular workout schedule. I also posted job openings to craigslist to find some instructors so I am checking out some of their classes in the next few weeks. If you know anyone who might be a good match to teach here then pass them on to me.

Apparently my stomach is back to 'normal' and normal as in being sick all morning but hopefully that is a flukey kinda thing.

Even more exciting is that I finally found a good yoga studio! After some recommendations I ended up at Prana Power Yoga. They have a bunch of locations and it is clean, just the right temperature and very similar to the corepower yoga that I loved in San Diego. Like with any working out I always feel like a different person after doing it, yoga especially. Rumor has it a yoga place will be opening in Lexington Center as well which I am very excited about.

So yes money is tight right now and I am lucky to have an understanding husband. Fact of the matter is there is no way I could have a job right now with trying to get the studio going. I am seeing clients 4 times a week which is nice to put my speech hat on but even that is tough right now. Its nice not having to be out of the house by like 645 to get to work though. So instead I get up hang with the pup and make my husband some coffee. Oh AND I have cooked dinner a few times and kept the house really clean. Best of all the puppy is MINE again! We spend the first year of her life together then she spent all her time with Bri since he worked from home. NOW its all puppy Jodes time and its WONDERFUL! Except for the 3 days that she had runny poop, that kinda sucked. Maybe I got it from the dog????

Thursday, September 23, 2010

suckram yoga

I fell in love with power yoga out in san diego. After the moving and packing and unpacking and driving cross country my back was a mess. Not to mention the core strength I gained with pilates out in SD is nowhere to be found since I haven't done it in oh so long. Since getting back to Boston I have been trying to find a yoga place to stretch out and get some core strength back. It has not been easy. I found a so so place but the moaning is just too much. I went with my friend that I giggle too much with and it was kind of embarassing how much we were laughing. Like that trying to suppress your laughter and it gets even worse. But really people there is a difference between deep breathing and the shit you are doing which is borderline pornographic.
So I tried another place after many people recommended it. BUT it was bikram yoga. I have never done it and can say that I will never do it again. It was hotter than hell. My water bottle was hot to the touch. The tissues I had with me were hot to touch. I was not sweating like I should and that is not good when it is 120 degrees. When I am out doing an event in heat I just pour water over my head since I don't sweat like normal people and that cools me down. There was no reprieve. THe heat brought on major vertigo and dizziness and I couldn't do anything. I could not stand, I could not lay down. So I left the room to compose myself. Of course the instructor who was really nice and trying to be helpful stopped me in front of the door and asked "are you sure you want to leave? you could just sit down...blah blah blah" BUDDY I have alot of pride so if I didn't feel like I was going to pass out I would stay. I said "believe me I need this" and upon feeling the normal temp air yelled out "sweet relief!" I composed myself in the bathroom, cried a little bit inside and headed back into the room. At this point everything was spinning and I still had a gd hour to go. UGH! I just sat down for most of it. It was embarassing, but I really didn't care, I looked HORRID. I made it through the class, I have no idea how. I am pretty sure yoga is not supposed to make you feel super anxious but when you feel like that it is pretty unsettling.
It was so bad that at the end of the class a woman went up to my friend and said " was that your friend? he really should have let her go...she did NOT look good." AMEN SISTA! I honestly still felt like that a day later.
So bikram yoga, not for me. I like to leave yoga feeling like I worked out because of what my body did, not because of the heat. I am not knocking bikram, I know alot of people love it, but it is most certainly not my thing. So I am off again on the search for a good yoga place. There is going to be a yoga place opening right by my pilates studio so lets hope that is a good fit, that would be convenient afterall!
However, there were no moaners, that was good. Oh forgot to mention that it was carpeted, and stunk like the armpit of a sweaty man. brutal.

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's all happening!

This week was pretty exciting and exhausting all at the same time. I thought I was going with one space at the beginning of the week, and that did not happen. I am always a girl to go with my gut and sometimes people will show their true colors and fortunately for me it was before I entered into business with them. So I started my search again and was brought back to the original space that I was drawn to. It is in Lexington Center. Today I signed the letter of intent which is like an agreement, and then they will give me the lease. At that point I will have my lawyer check it over to make sure I am not screwing myself or anything like that. Lord knows I am no good with the fine print so i'd rather pay someone who can sift through the bs. So if all goes according to plan I will have the space by next week!
I had my LLC formed and my official name is Boston Pilates Plus LLC. I kept going back and forth with names, and this ended up being one of the only ones available for use so that is what it is! I also got my tax id number today so i'd say all in all this was a pretty successful week.
One thing is for sure, I have to get back into shape before this all starts up. Its a good thing I have no job right now.
I am going to start putting the word out there for some cool people that want to be instructors. I figure that is also a good way to get back in shape if I try out their classes (not my idea but i'll take it anyways) to see what their teaching style is.
All good things.
I created a facebook page for Boston Pilates Plus as well as a blog. I will likely use that blog for all the good stuff:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

where to begin?

I honestly have no clue how to start this post. I will break the last three weeks down for ya.

Cross country trip:
Utah: gorgeous, saw so many rainbows and awesome scenery.
Utah to Colorado: I cried, a few times, it was so damn pretty. I want to back to the breckenridge area in the winter, I cannot even imagine it. Ate really good steak at a random "restaurant" that was really a house in the middle of nowhere with a giant tree growing through it.
Colorado to Nebraska: BOOOORING! Oh and we took a wrong turn so we ended up in Kansas for a while instead of Nebraska
Omaha: We arrived to our hotel along with about 100 police cars, apparently someone tried to steal something from a nearby mall, ran down the cop, and the cop shot them. We ate yummy steak yet again.
Next stop Chicago! I have to go back there, what a cool city. The hotel we stayed at was super pet friendly and was pretty ridiculous with dogs everywhere and happy hours that were free. LOVED IT! It was interesting watching Belle try to find a place to do her business in the city. Highlight was her peeing next to a homeless man and me yelling for him to move....was probably unnecessary since it already smelt of urine, but really its his home too!
Chicago toooooooooooooo Boston...Really? thats a long time, but we did it. At this point we were DONE with the driving. I got slightly batty at one point and pouted big time but it was the right call to just get home.

Since the arrival we have been at my dad and apples house until today. Weddings, sleepovers with little ones and TONS of unpacking. I have also managed to get many steps closer to being a small business owner. But I have come to realize that ALOT of things have to happen in order for this to happen. Thank god I am unemployed right now because this has been more than a full time job. Patience my little grasshoppers.

Belle is settling in and has fallen back in love with grass since she hated it in SD. We are at our new place which is across the street from our old condo. THis came in handy these past few days and we owe SO many favors. I have to say its really nice to be welcomed back to our old neighborhood and see so many familiar faces. We did not get to know hardly any neighbors in SD, which was sad for me :(

That is it for now. I am hoping to get my bike put back together because my body is falling apart. PLUS there is a ride this weekend with the boston tri team called "concord to cakes". YUP a ride specifically to go eat cake.. I LOVE IT! Only thing missing is LG!!