Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hash n go go to Coronado

So Bri and I went to a local breakfast joint called Hash House a go go. It had the largest portions of breakfast I have ever seen. Bri's pancake was about 20 inches in diameter, and I am not kidding. I maybe ate 1/8th of the waffle I ordered but we will definately be going back there.

We had our first experience taking Belle to the beach. There is a beautiful beach on Coronado Island that is designated for off leash pets. She fetched her little bum off and drank enough salt water to assure some loose stools for the next few days, but boy did she have fun.

Not sure what is on tap for tonight. I have my first day of work tomorrow so I will most likely watch the sox game and fall asleep. I must say the time difference makes life alot easier since we don't have to stay up to the wee hours of the morning watching games. If only we moved out here before the NBA playoffs...

Friday, July 25, 2008


So here are some coveted pictures of my car which I have yet to name. My dads buddy recommended Bailey for bailey's creme, but I am not completely sold on it. Anyway, here are some pics after our trip to the dog park. Belle liked her first ride in the beetle, since being in the back is like having her whole body sticking out the window.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Punch Buggy Creme

Picked up my beauty last night and she is mighty pretty! I am just excited that I will be the cause of brothers and sisters all over punching eachother and giving charlie horses while their parents drive them to and from activities. Ah yes the good ole' days. I may even kick a headlight out so that I am then a "padiddle".

Waiting for the sun to come out and heading to the beach with the top down. Enjoy your Thursday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My dog is not a whore, what a relief. Oftentimes when I see her lift her leg up to strangers I get a little worried about my little lady. HOWEVER, at the dog park, there was a feisty little terrier that was pretty much mounting everything in its path. Everytime he went up to my sweet prudish Belle, she sat down. It was priceless, Bri and I high fived and laughed at all those people with slutty dogs.

Anyways, off to pick up the beetle!

DMV madness

So lets put it this way, when I told the guy who I am buying the car from that I was going to the DMV he said "hmmn well, Posh spice made it through alive." Great. So I attempted yesterday but needed marraige license, blah blah blah so I figured I would go first thing in the morning. Since they open at 8 am I went at about 7:30. Turns out they don't open til 9 on Wednesdays, however there was already a line of about 20 people so I figured I would sit it out. K so I make it in, takes about an hour, and THEN they tell me I have to take a written test. This test was hard, real hard, especially when you have not read the handbook. So I knew I could only miss 6 questions out of 30 or so. I circled all my unsure answers, and there were 15. Great. Turned in my test and crossed my fingers. I sat and read the book while waiting and found a few wrong answers and then heard my name called. I luckily passed with only 4 questions wrong, hayoooooooo take that vickie becks!

So that is about it, I am still living amongst many boxes. Luckily I finally have a television to catch up on all of my reality shows! It is just unfortunate though because our tv is about 30 ft from bri's "office" so the tv has to be veeeeery quiet. Oh well!

I am going to try to take a swim today at the pool and get everything ready to pick up my car. Will post pictures as soon as I find my camera!

Monday, July 21, 2008

beetle bug

So this looks like it is going to be my new baby! After looking around and realizing that I am just not a beamer/audi kind of girl, so I narrowed my search to bugs. I found this one and am going to take it home if I like it on Wednesday.
We are just preparing the house for the arrival of all our belongings tomorrow at 8am! Can't wait! Is it bad that I am looking forward to many hours of reality tv that I have missed?! Anyways, not too much new. We ventured down to the olympic pool that is across the street but it was closed. Fortuntately it was not closed due to a child making doody in the pool, but for swim lessons. So we are returning in a bit to get our swim on.
I have to send a big congrats to my team in training friend Kim, who just completed Ironman Lake Placid. Cannot even fathom, but it sure makes me want to sign up for another endurance event. I am thinking about taking it back to where it all started and running the rock and roll marathon in none other than San Diego! Will keep you posted on that one though, cause its not til June.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We work fast

Okay so maybe the best decision ever was hiring two wonderfully skilled men to put together our IKEA furniture while Bri and I sat in the back patio on our only chairs (beach chairs) and drank corona's. Not a bad deal. They literally put together 4 huge pieces of furniture in the same time that it took to put the nightstand together, AND it is all ass backwards. Money well spent.

Other than that things are great. I am amazed the places that you can find friends and how people just talk to each other out here. For instance, I went out with my grad school friends on Friday and chatted up the wonderful man to my right, and he may just be my new gay husband. To make it even better, turns out he lives DIRECTLY across the street from us. Meant to be? I think so.

Then we ventured out to see the Dark Knight last night and ended up meeting a great couple who was standing in line behind us. Then today again at the dog park. Everyone wants a piece of us, we can't go anywhere without someone handing us a business card. I need to make up some business/personal cards to give to people, I feel kind of left out.

Today we just went out to look at cars. It looks like my dreams of buying the EOS are shortlived because when it came down to it I could not would not spend the money. So I am going to buy a used Audi or BMW convertible, not too shabby. Maybe instead of a business card I will just put my personal stats on the side of the card with my number:
Jody Merrill
I'm a good time....but not that kind of good time!
Looking for friends to fill my nonexistent social calendar.
Must love talking about bowel movements, reality tv, and think that my dog is the cutest around.
Call me.

We are off to Susie's for a cookout tonight and possibly hot tubbing! When in San Diego I guess!

Oh and PS the weather is sunny and about 78. ZING

Friday, July 18, 2008

3 words, Eye, Key, ARGHHHH

Since we sold off most of our furniture before leaving we made our first ever trip to IKEA. Holy crap people, nobody warned me enough for the madness. We found all the furniture we wanted and were exhausted. Little did we know we then had to find it all, haul it onto a carraige and then pay for it. YIKES! Anyhoo we managed and most of it is being delivered today to the house. I attempted to put together the nightstand yesterday but realized we had no tools yet so I gave up. Brian wants to hire some shmuck to do it all, I would rather be stuck in the house with no electricity, water or gas and put together 10 pieces of furniture and see how many times Brian swears, either out loud or under his breath. Since I am going to come back in my next life as a carpenter of some sort, I am ready for the challenge.

We are heading out to dinner with my friends Susie and Kim tonight. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. I hope they realize they are actually coming to our house to put together furniture.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We're here

Alleluiah!!!3,440 miles later and we are here. Since we did not know we had to have our electricity, water, and gas turned on we are yet again staying at a hotel because the bastards could not come out to do it until Friday. HOWEVER, everything happens for a reason right? Maybe you recall my previous post in which I noted my true intentions with San Diego, and finding that special someone in my life who happens to be a gay man and will love me and dress me (wait Bri already does that), okay he will talk trash to me, and take me to fun clubs called the RamRod. Well, we just so happen to be staying at the gay and lesbian epicenter right now. In fact, it is Pride week here. I can barely contain myself. I have found all the hot spots and our house is actually on the parade route. So instead of food shopping for things that will go rotten in our nonworking refrigerator, I am going to get out there and find some rainbow colored garb and maybe a headress for the parade. We're here and we're queer people, bring it on!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T minus 10 hours

I was barely able to sleep last night with the excitement of actually arriving in San Diego today. It has kind of just felt like a reaaaaaly long drive with no real purpose except for finding great truck dives to eat at along the way. But come to find out our actual purpose is to get to San Diego so we can actually live, dwell and work there. Weird. We are trying to head out early today so we can end our last drive of about 11 hours on a positive note. New Mexico has been a great treat and I wish we could stay here a bit longer, but I guess we are close enough to visit now! Will update once we get to San Diego!

Some things I realized about Texas:

Tumbleweeds actually exist.
Cowboys actually exist.
Texans know BBQ.
There are churches that are larger than sports stadiums.
EVERYONE owns a truck.

And a look at San Diego's weather for the next few days:
TodayJul 16
Partly Cloudy

Plan a Scenic Drive
ThuJul 17
Partly Cloudy

Monday, July 14, 2008

Texas 100, every other state 0

Okay so we thought our trip through Texas would be drab, but it has proven us wrong. We are thinking of just staying here and forgetting about San Diego. It all started with a random lunch stop today, and there we saw "crazy Bob's" claiming to have great smoked meats. So in we went and it was some of the best bbq we have had. Of course we had to pick his brain a little bit, and I think I was able to understand about a half of it. He laughed at our green egg smoker. We smelt like barbacue for the rest of our ride. Once we got to Weatherford we asked the woman at the front desk where to go for some good authentic bbq. She suggested the "mesquite pit" so off we went with our garmin. This place was fantastic and we were only able to eat about a fourth of our meals (mainly because we polished off a heaping plate of fried pickles, onions, and jalapenos). There was live texas music going on and I saw my very first authentic cowboy hat. I had to take dessert to go, but i'm sure that is good too. We are off to New Mexico tomorrow which I can't wait to see. Luckily there were no tornadoes today, but I think I saw a spout or two up in the sky.

WHOAAAA we're halfway there!!

Yes down here in the bible belt we are certainly 'livin on a prayer', I may have said a few prayers yesterday as we were driving through war of the worlds type lightning and rain storms. Of course they had to happen while I was driving so then we would have to pull over in the drenching rain so that Bri could take the wheel and I could breathe into a paper bag in the back. Okay maybe I didn't do that but I wanted to. We got to Mississippi without too much traffic. Although we did see the other side of the highway blocked off by cops and they were all pointing there guns at some dude in his truck. Always a good thing to see as you pull off to your hotel. "what was that a tire blowing?" "No I think it was just the cops shooting some dude."
Goodtimes. Okay so we are off to somewhere in Texas today. Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Derrrrrrty South

We arrived in Charleston SC yesterday and are about to take off to Jackson Mississippi in a few minutes. Charleston is a neat little city, lots of culture and men in linen suits with bow ties. We grabbed a quick bite downtown with Melissa, and then continued to watch Belle attempt to play with cats that want nothing to do with her. It was a nice little break to see family and not have to sleep in a gross hotel! Onto the next adventure. We have a long leg to drive today so lets see what kind of mood I am in later. Out of the about 19 hours driven I drove about 3 and complained the whole time that everyone else are terrible drivers. Its true though. I swear because people see a MASS plate they think "damn yanks, lets ride their ass and then whip in front and cut them off."

Friday, July 11, 2008

One sixth of the trip is done

Well we only stopped once on our way here and we made it to DV in a whopping 10 hours. We got stuck at the GW bridge in NYC for almost 2 hours, and I mean stuck. Luckily the dog did not move an inch the whole time. So not much to report we just checked into the hotel and are going to get up and drive to Charleston SC tomorrow. Thankfully we can leave alot earlier tomorrow and will not be dealing with Friday traffic! Looking forward to seeing familiar faces before we drive through noman's land.

Westward Bound

Well we had our last nights sleep at 43 Ashland, and are going to have to get used to the wonders of an aero bed for a while. We are heading off to the closing soon and then driving to the DC area. Tomorrow we will head to see Brian's sister in Charleston SC so that should be fun. What I am most looking forward to is the Tom and Jerry action that is most likely going to occur with Belle and Melissa's cats, should be fun to see! Anyhoo I will try to keep you all posted on our travels. We are hoping to arrive in San Diego by Wednesday. Love to all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Address to the new digs

The guys that packed the house up just left and it only took about 3 hours. The move should go smooth tomorrow but we still have a whole bunch of junk to pack ourselves. Hope it is a little cooler tomorrow because the heat is a killah today! On that note I am off to sit in a cool restaurant by myself for lunch.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Buh-Bye Party, Tornado, Fag-Hag

Just want to thank those of you who planned and attended our going away shindig last night. It was so great and overwhelming at the same time to see everyone before we leave. I thought I would be a basketcase by now, but it turns out that I am in a state of denial. Seeing as the farthest I have lived was Providence, RI, this is kind of a shock and i'm sure as we drive for 6 days in the opposite direction of home, that it will be a rude awakening. However, we are very excited and looking forward to sharing this next part of our lives with all of you. I have always wanted to move away, but really never had the nerve to do it.

So next week at this time we will hopefully be in San Diego, if we don't get sucked up by a twister in tornado alley. Yes I have been watching many episodes of Twister Sisters and freaking out about seeing a tornado on our trip. So much so that I have secretly altered our trip so that we go below the bottom edge of tornado alley. And yes, I watched way too much Wizard of Oz when I was little. But do not worry, I have already read the do's and don'ts of being stuck in a tornado.

Other than twisters, I think we'll be good. I am already resting my voice for the trip so that Brian can enjoy my showtune singing. Lucky for him, XM radio has a station dedicated to those of us who like showtunes. Which also leads me to the real reason that I wanted to move to San Diego. I would like to become a "fag-hag." I find I have way too many straight friends, especially guy ones, so I would like to find a gay man to befriend. I am sorry if this is terribly non-pc of me but it is true. I know he is out there somewhere and I have a feeling that we may be moving to the right part of town for it. I am sure that there is a craigslist category for this kind of thing....
Okay, I think I have offended enough people, and proven that this is in no way Brian's blog. He'll have to get his own, because I want no censorship! Damn conservatives!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It may actually happen

Bri is currently at home depot to buy some boxes and such, so we may actually start packing soon. My mode thus far has been to just throw everything away, especially winter attire. Then I realized that I will be back during the winter for the holidays. Oh well! Hope everyone has a happy, fun, fireworks filled 4th of July! Can't wait for Sunday to see everybody! And for the record, I am still completely in denial that this is my last weekend here for a while. So much so that I am sitting at home watching reruns of reality shows and playing on the computer. Nice.