Monday, July 7, 2008

Buh-Bye Party, Tornado, Fag-Hag

Just want to thank those of you who planned and attended our going away shindig last night. It was so great and overwhelming at the same time to see everyone before we leave. I thought I would be a basketcase by now, but it turns out that I am in a state of denial. Seeing as the farthest I have lived was Providence, RI, this is kind of a shock and i'm sure as we drive for 6 days in the opposite direction of home, that it will be a rude awakening. However, we are very excited and looking forward to sharing this next part of our lives with all of you. I have always wanted to move away, but really never had the nerve to do it.

So next week at this time we will hopefully be in San Diego, if we don't get sucked up by a twister in tornado alley. Yes I have been watching many episodes of Twister Sisters and freaking out about seeing a tornado on our trip. So much so that I have secretly altered our trip so that we go below the bottom edge of tornado alley. And yes, I watched way too much Wizard of Oz when I was little. But do not worry, I have already read the do's and don'ts of being stuck in a tornado.

Other than twisters, I think we'll be good. I am already resting my voice for the trip so that Brian can enjoy my showtune singing. Lucky for him, XM radio has a station dedicated to those of us who like showtunes. Which also leads me to the real reason that I wanted to move to San Diego. I would like to become a "fag-hag." I find I have way too many straight friends, especially guy ones, so I would like to find a gay man to befriend. I am sorry if this is terribly non-pc of me but it is true. I know he is out there somewhere and I have a feeling that we may be moving to the right part of town for it. I am sure that there is a craigslist category for this kind of thing....
Okay, I think I have offended enough people, and proven that this is in no way Brian's blog. He'll have to get his own, because I want no censorship! Damn conservatives!

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