Sunday, July 20, 2008

We work fast

Okay so maybe the best decision ever was hiring two wonderfully skilled men to put together our IKEA furniture while Bri and I sat in the back patio on our only chairs (beach chairs) and drank corona's. Not a bad deal. They literally put together 4 huge pieces of furniture in the same time that it took to put the nightstand together, AND it is all ass backwards. Money well spent.

Other than that things are great. I am amazed the places that you can find friends and how people just talk to each other out here. For instance, I went out with my grad school friends on Friday and chatted up the wonderful man to my right, and he may just be my new gay husband. To make it even better, turns out he lives DIRECTLY across the street from us. Meant to be? I think so.

Then we ventured out to see the Dark Knight last night and ended up meeting a great couple who was standing in line behind us. Then today again at the dog park. Everyone wants a piece of us, we can't go anywhere without someone handing us a business card. I need to make up some business/personal cards to give to people, I feel kind of left out.

Today we just went out to look at cars. It looks like my dreams of buying the EOS are shortlived because when it came down to it I could not would not spend the money. So I am going to buy a used Audi or BMW convertible, not too shabby. Maybe instead of a business card I will just put my personal stats on the side of the card with my number:
Jody Merrill
I'm a good time....but not that kind of good time!
Looking for friends to fill my nonexistent social calendar.
Must love talking about bowel movements, reality tv, and think that my dog is the cutest around.
Call me.

We are off to Susie's for a cookout tonight and possibly hot tubbing! When in San Diego I guess!

Oh and PS the weather is sunny and about 78. ZING

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