Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T minus 10 hours

I was barely able to sleep last night with the excitement of actually arriving in San Diego today. It has kind of just felt like a reaaaaaly long drive with no real purpose except for finding great truck dives to eat at along the way. But come to find out our actual purpose is to get to San Diego so we can actually live, dwell and work there. Weird. We are trying to head out early today so we can end our last drive of about 11 hours on a positive note. New Mexico has been a great treat and I wish we could stay here a bit longer, but I guess we are close enough to visit now! Will update once we get to San Diego!

Some things I realized about Texas:

Tumbleweeds actually exist.
Cowboys actually exist.
Texans know BBQ.
There are churches that are larger than sports stadiums.
EVERYONE owns a truck.

And a look at San Diego's weather for the next few days:
TodayJul 16
Partly Cloudy

Plan a Scenic Drive
ThuJul 17
Partly Cloudy

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