Monday, July 14, 2008

WHOAAAA we're halfway there!!

Yes down here in the bible belt we are certainly 'livin on a prayer', I may have said a few prayers yesterday as we were driving through war of the worlds type lightning and rain storms. Of course they had to happen while I was driving so then we would have to pull over in the drenching rain so that Bri could take the wheel and I could breathe into a paper bag in the back. Okay maybe I didn't do that but I wanted to. We got to Mississippi without too much traffic. Although we did see the other side of the highway blocked off by cops and they were all pointing there guns at some dude in his truck. Always a good thing to see as you pull off to your hotel. "what was that a tire blowing?" "No I think it was just the cops shooting some dude."
Goodtimes. Okay so we are off to somewhere in Texas today. Happy Monday!

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