Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trains, Planes and Invisaligns

Well we are safely and soundly back from our trip to Boston. My ride out there was quite eventful. I left with a bad cold, and ended up rupturing my eardrum on my first flight into New York. I left during a storm so the ride was quite ridiculous, but I made it onto my connector after about a 5 hour delay.

Lets start with the negatives of the week:

-being herded like cattle to this place and that.

-avoiding people I hadnt seen because I really did not know if I could answer the question "Hows San Diego?" one more time, without losing my shit. Its just not alot of fun to talk about the same thing over and over.

-TRAFFIC: within a few minutes of being in the car in Boston I was quickly dropping f-bombs, d-bags, the middle finger and honking the horn incessantly.(people just don't do that in San Diego so I had to take advantage)

-rupturing an eardrum

-being told by my dentist that I need braces because my teeth are crowding. Especially since I prided myself on the fact that I saved my parents tons of money because I never had cavities, needed braces, and never got wisdom teeth. And now I will have to pay for them.

-getting the stomach bug at 3am at the same time as two other people and battling for the toilet

-having to leave and say goodbye all over again

Okay and the positives of the week:

-seeing Nana toast the entire nursing home "I love all of you, you are all beautiful people"

-seeing neices and nephew really enjoy Christmas for the first time

-meeting friends babies, and seeing big bellies

-hanging with my family

-seeing snow

-good Italian food

-getting a new video camera so I can capture moments like this!

-coming home to see the puppy

We are very excited to wake up tomorrow at 4am(its a good thing that I am still on east coast time) and drive to Pasadena to see that little old lady and floats of roses and the rose bowl! I will be sure to take lots of videos as we chant WE ARE PENN STATE. We are sitting in the end zone with the Penn State Kids. Maybe I will get them to pick me up and shake me around when they score!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Floods and boogers

So I have been living all by my lonesome for a week now since Bri had to go home early for business. This has meant a few things:
Cereal for dinner or no dinner at all
LOTS of bad television
LOTS of chic flicks
Destruction at the house: the lamp (my fault), my jacket (dog's fault)
Me waking up sleeping sideways

Of course Bri has been gone during the worst weather yet. I actually got home during a flash flood the other day where I had to wade through water just to get to my door. And just as soon as it happened it was done. Very strange. Apparently around 4 people or so a year die near here because of flash floods. Its no laughing matter.

Anyways this week has flown by at work. We had our holiday show today and it was so nice to see all the kids have their special moment. I was emceeing the event with one of our students so that was fun. I did not even make any inappropriate jokes.I wanted to, but I didn't. The only thing I said that was not on my original script was this "well that was a long skit so maybe he needed some extra protein." This was after one of the kids stood on stage, picked his nose, then ate it, over and over and over and over the whole skit. It was AWESOME. I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose so that made it even better.

I leave to go home just in time for all the snow so lets hope that I make it there on Sunday! I can't wait to get back to Boston!!! Lets just hope that I want to come back......

Okay well I guess i'll have to come back for Belle!!! Stupid jacket eater

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not quitting my day job anytime soon

I got bored last weekend and decided that I would try making videos. It is supposed to be to a really cute song about a puppy but I am not that good yet. Anyways I am going to attempt to put together some fun videos and figured i'd start with the dog. Afterall she won't judge me. She may eat my socks and underwear, but she never judges.

We are winding down here in San Diego and Bri is off for the east coast tonight. In case you are a psycho reading the blog, I am not alone, I have a dog, she is very big, and vicious, and I also have a loaded gun that I am not afraid to use. Although Bri has repeatedly warned me not to play with it, and that "wherever I point it it will shoot" well isn't that the point?!

Anyhoo that is just a precaution since I very often hear helicopters flying overhead making announcements about people running around armed and what not. Oh and I also promise not to do any late night runs through the canyons while he's gone.

Our water polo game this week was fun, we won, but at the end of the game my head had a major collision with the goalies elbow. I could have done without that.

Not sure if i'll make it to all the fun ugly holiday sweater parties this weekend, since I feel a cold coming on, but hopefully I do! Oh and hopefully the dog doesn't eat the christmas tree while she is left alone here all day for a week.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

middle fingers and mylar

So after my dad left all diseased and what not I got to decorating and put up the Christmas tree.

I must say it is rather odd decorating in warm weather, but I am not going to complain. Running has been in full gear and this weekend I ran with my group on the half marathon route and it was beautiful. We run right along the ocean and its a beautiful view of the ocean and tons of surfers. Today was the first run and I mean first of many that I did not feel like I wanted to die.

After my run Bri and I ventured out to a great little hole in the wall breakfast place, Big Kitchen in South Park and it became our fast favorite. The woman who owned it gave us a big hug on the way out, god bless Judy. I took a picture with Betty Boop outside of the restaurant as we were leaving.After breakfast we took off for the beach with the dog. And yes that is me giving the finger because I usually take the pictures to send to friends and family back home, and lets be honest, it is basically me giving a big giant middle finger. So I figured I would actually give it on this one.

We are off for some more holiday cheer tonight. THere is a big giant christmas extravaganza in Balboa park which is where we live, so if we can brave the crowds we are going to check it out and see some christmas lights.

Oh and this week we played the same team that gave us our name "we go for balls" in water polo, cause last season I actually jumped out of my tube to knee a fellow in the nuts cause he was really physical with me and I saw no other way to handle it. Anyways we played them and they are the reigning champs. They beat us by around 20 points last season but we managed to only lose by 6 this week.Yay for us!! I am still trying to post a video of us playing, but we are usually low on subs so I never get to get the footage. Maybe next time!

Happy 2nd birthday to Elizabeth!! I am very sad to be missing the family party today but sent a nice bunch of balloons for the birthday girl which i'm sure she'll still be dragging around for Christmas. SHe's got a thing for mylar!

The trip back to boston is coming soon! Two weeks and counting!