Sunday, September 28, 2008

hangin tuf

Okay so I was major jealous of the girls going to the NKOTB concert at the Garden. They kept me involved with pictures, videos and stories. To take the edge off I slapped open the lap top and went to you tube and found the most recent concert on there. I was instantly swingin my arms and chanting whoa oh oh oh oh hangin tough with all the concert goers. Bri suggested I put headphones on so that he didn't have to endure the madness, but really it just made me sing louder. I finally convinced a friend to come with me and will be getting tickets for their show out here.

The weather has been beautiful, so we have been beaching it quite a bit. I managed to get up early yesterday and go for a hike up Mt. Cowles. It was beautiful and challenging, but not too long so it was perfect.

I just signed up for the Carlsbad half marathon and will start training at the end of the month with the same group that I do the water polo and volleyball with. Maybe now when I start training for the full marathon I won't be so out of shape, or injured right away. Fancy that!

Friday, September 26, 2008

aye yay yay

I had to go back and read if I recalled hurting my wrist during last weeks volleyball game. I have not been able to move my wrist side to side all week and it is somehow getting worse. I cracked down and bought a makeshift wrist brace, so hopefully more time off it will help. I did however make the smart decision to play water polo on Wednesday. It was actually okay cause I really just tried to use my right arm. Even with one arm I showed some guys how the ladies play and tried to be as scrappy as possible. It was finally an evenly matched game, which made it fun, yet competitive, and its always more fun when you win right? Bri was a superstar in the goal yet again and I think he even scored. I am taking tomorrow off from volleyball (not sure how you play with a brace on) so maybe my team will actually win without me there.

We are having breakfast with a couple we met at the dog park tomorrow, then dinner with someone Bri met and his wife. I am going to try to hike the mountain we did a few weeks ago since I can't use my hands right now. It has shockingly been the hottest its been out here, so Bri and I ventured off to the beach to body surf yesterday. Unfortunately the waves were weak but it was nice to get into the ocean during the week! The beach was next to empty which was nice, but the seagulls were worse than the ones in Revere in front of Kelly's!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I must be getting old. Both of my athletic endeavors this week left me battered and bruised and very sore. Wednesday night we had another water polo game. We played another hot shot team, who took it way too seriously. There was one particular squirrely guy on their team that decided to pick on me the entire game. I was so weak from my "bug" and could have cared less about this game but this guy was out to get me. Not only did he grab my crotch, but he also put me in a wrestling move, in which he had my foot wedged in between his legs and he started to twist back and forth, wreakin havoc on my ankle. Mind you, I was nowhere near the ball in play. I kind of lost it there and decided to reach over and dig my nails into his arm. It didn't even end there, but whatever. At least I scored a goal while my eyes were being covered and my head being clawed at by the other team. Needless to say I pulled a few muscles that night. Did i mention the game was at 9pm?! That is pretty much my bedtime. Anyways I was pretty much dead tired the next day.
Friday night we got to meet up with a few of Bri's coworkers and went out to a great Mexican restaurant in Old Town. I had a volleyball game Saturday and bellyflopped onto the sand at one point. I remember saying "someone remind me why I will be at the chiropractor this week" but just kept playing. Well anyways I woke up at about 2am last night with horriffic spasms. Once I managed to get out of bed I popped some advil and tried to stretch out a little bit. The spasms are in my shoulderblade area, which I have never had. Needless to say once I tried to get back into bed I realized I was in trouble and sent Brian to search for some muscle relaxers. Luckily I had one left from years ago and that seemed to help. I am still in a fog, but the spasms have let up a bit so thats good.
We were invited to a block party yesterday. There is a little alley way street behind our house, so they were hosting it. It was lots of fun, and a good way to meet some of the people in the neighborhood. The weather is still beautiful here, but you can definately feel the chill in the air at night!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Damn your balls, you gave me GD

Yesterday's post was full of yumminess and my desire to eat golden fried balls. Well right after eating I realized that my stomach did not feel so good. Needless to say, my own midnight madness started and I was up sick ALL NIGHT! Gripping the walls, moaning out in pain. It was absolutely pitiful. No amount of imodium helped, and I now have to add a more severe rating to my diarrhea scale because UD (unfathomable diarrhea) would not cut it for what I went through last night. I am thinking GD (ghastly diarrhea). I would have gone with ungraspable diarrhea, but I already have a UD. Anyways, Brian insists it was not the balls, since he ate them as well and did not get sick, but I beg to differ.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

goodness gracious great balls are frying

Another eventful weekend here in sunny San Diego. Speaking of weather, we had the very first day of complete cloud coverage last week, it was very strange. Good thing it was just a day or I would have started to complain about the weather as if I have not lived my entire 29 years in the most volatile climate of all. Anyways I had a great sushi night out with my friend Susie and some of her friends. I am getting over my love hate with sushi. See the problem is I have a freakishly small mouth. So when I try to fit a roll in there, it just gets ugly. Food dropping out, me merely choking, you get the picture. Anyways I am somehow perfecting this and am actually able to still breathe while trying to chew. It was a delicious place with fun drinks and lots of laughs with the ladies. We hit up a wine bar after that was also in Old Town, which is a quaint part of town. Saturday kicked off with beach volleyball and Bri got to accompany me and play since half of our team did not show up. We sucked, big time, but at least we got a good two hour workout in there. I was supposed to go to the bar with Bri today to watch the pats, but I opted for a day at the beach with the dog. She tore it up all day and will now sleep for the next two days with all her rambunctious activities.
I was having a craving for pasta, since it is Sunday afterall! So I made a yummy sauce, and decided to fry up some meatballs. Boy oh boy, that smell took me back to childhood on my grandmothers street, as her friend Connie would fry up the balls every Sunday and you could smell it down the street. I would go down to her house and she would stick one on a fork for me, and it was like a candy covered apple,,,,so yummy! Speaking of sundays and pasta, my sweetiepie Nana was back in the hospital this week, but luckily is back at her place. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Not entirely sure what this entails, but I have been calling and checkin in on her daily. She sounds okay, but kind of like someone is sitting on her chest. HOpefully its not Harvey the cute little old man that has an uncanny resemblance to my grandfather. I think its just an old age thing, but keep her in your prayers anyways!!
Wishing all a great upcoming week! And a happy bday to Melanie today and Boho in a few days!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally got the W

Well things were looking dismal for our inner tubve water polo game this week since only 5 of the 9 people on our team were able to make it. We sucked it up and played down two players and we kicked ass. The turning point of the game was probably when Sarah, who can barely touch the water, and flinches everytime the ball comes her way, and often chastises players for playing dirty, gave me a delicate pass in front of the net. My back was to the goal so I just smacked it behind my head and got my first goal of the game. After that I scored a whole bunch with a few assists from the hubby. Oh and Bri got a goal too, but mostly dominated in the goal. It was a fun game, and a great team that we played against. So we won 13-7 and can only go up from here! We went out to the bar after for a quick drink and some eats, but since the sox decided to go 13 innings we were there a bit longer than expected. So even though the sox could not pull off the W, team 8 did!

We are off to try out "the best bbq in san diego." We'll see.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Is someone going to judge me if I get frozen yogurt for maybe the 50th time since I moved in? I am not even sure if I have been here that long, but basically I crave frozen yogurt from the most fantastic place, sweet Golden Spoon. They have about 20 flavors to choose from on any given night. They are all fat free. Then you have about 100 choices of unhealthy things to put on top of it. The best part is that I am not keeling over at night with "stomach issues" aka UD. I am still figuring out the best variations but they are all good. I finally asked about the caloric intake the other day and its really not bad. If you get a mini its only 88 calories. And that is typically enough for me. I am sure I will find an excuse to go later.

I made it to another yoga class this morning at a new studio and I LOVED the instructor. She just got back from a sort of pilgrimage to India practicing all kinds of yoga. And she did not get upset when I was making jokes during poses to the classes. She actually had the balls to use me as an example during one of the poses. Fortunately it is like the only known yoga pose that benefits long legged, lanky, monkey armed people like myself. I joked that it was just about the only pose I could pull off. Anyways I did things that I did not think possible and felt pretty comfortable. I bought a little package so I could go 5 times.

Once I got home I felt a little guilty that my poor husband was all alone at a bar watching the Pats, so I jetted off to Longboards. It is a bar in pacific beach that is filled with Patriots fans. I ran into a few Waltham people there as well. We will most likely be there every Sunday.

Oh I am happy to report that my beach volleyball team finally turned it around this Saturday. We lost the first round and won the second. I was shockingly the "ace" and served both times to the win.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

battered and bruised

Okay so last night was game two of inner tube water polo, and I am now covered in bruises. Apparently this sport has been around long enough for people to have played "for years" together. They were ripped and they were not holding back from destroying us. It was pretty ridiculous, and by the end of the game I got so aggravated of being manhandled but one of the guys on the other team, that I got out of my tube and kicked him very hard up the ass. Probably ruined his night if you know what I mean. Anyways Bri kicked ass in goalie, and it will be the perfect position to get footage of him falling out of the tube and trying to get back in, there is alot of it in that position. I shouldn't talk, because I got so fatigued that everytime one of those bastards flipped me out I had to go over to the stairs cause I had no arm strength left. Oh and I scored last night!
Waiting for my college friend Allard to get to our house, he is here on business. Always good to see familiar faces!
Week one of back to school week is almost over. Looking forward to catching up on some sleep this weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Close call

So after a large helping of the killah baked pasta that I made, I decided to walk the dog down to the park. I turned the corner and behind me heard a loud bang, and then a loud horn. A drunk driver nailed a car head on that was parked. At this point I try to run to see if I can catch the plate and the frigin guy with a scrunched up hood, smoke coming out, and leaving a trail of fluids behind him, was just bobbing and weaving down the street. Shortly after I did hear and see the police helicopters looking for the crazy bastard, so hopefully they found him with no injuries to anyone else. I tried to get home quick thinking Bri would be worried sick about his newlywed, but he has the sox game blaring so loudly he missed the whole thing. I think I deserve a frozen yogurt for this.

Back to reality

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. Its hard to believe its the last official weekend of the summer, but I have a feeling things will feel a little different this year. Anyways we have had a fun filled weekend. We had dinner at a great place that is right on the water called C level, and besides the $30 glass of scotch that Bri ordered it was reasonably priced with great food, and a spectacular view.

There was no beach volleyball this weekend so we just leisurely went to the beach. We boogie boarded for the first time at pacific beach, and the waves there were intense. I pretty much catapaulted and was tossed into a full out sommersalt so I called it quits after that, but it was fun. We met up with one of my friends Erin and her husband Tao. We worked together at my first school out of grad school and it was super fun to hang out with some familiar faces and have some laughs. I was relieved that people were around to enjoy a bbq at our house because that is typically how we rolled back in Boston.

Other than that we are just dandy. We went for a hike today up Mt. Cowles (pronounced coals) and unlike NH trails, you are totally exposed to the sun the entire time. Poor Belle was panting the whole time and kept trying to find refuge in the small amount of shade under some random shrubs and rocks. Needless to say we didn't make it all the way up with her, but I think once the weather cools off she'll love it. It had the most spectacular view of San Diego. Unfortch my camera pooped out up there so no pics of the view but i'm sure we'll do the hike this fall.

I am tirelessly trying to find the best deals on good tickets to the Pats vs Chargers game, so wish us luck on that.

On another side note, I will do my best to getting some footage of Wednesday nights inner tube water polo game. We are playing the champions from last year so it should be good.

Back to school tomorrow!