Sunday, September 21, 2008


I must be getting old. Both of my athletic endeavors this week left me battered and bruised and very sore. Wednesday night we had another water polo game. We played another hot shot team, who took it way too seriously. There was one particular squirrely guy on their team that decided to pick on me the entire game. I was so weak from my "bug" and could have cared less about this game but this guy was out to get me. Not only did he grab my crotch, but he also put me in a wrestling move, in which he had my foot wedged in between his legs and he started to twist back and forth, wreakin havoc on my ankle. Mind you, I was nowhere near the ball in play. I kind of lost it there and decided to reach over and dig my nails into his arm. It didn't even end there, but whatever. At least I scored a goal while my eyes were being covered and my head being clawed at by the other team. Needless to say I pulled a few muscles that night. Did i mention the game was at 9pm?! That is pretty much my bedtime. Anyways I was pretty much dead tired the next day.
Friday night we got to meet up with a few of Bri's coworkers and went out to a great Mexican restaurant in Old Town. I had a volleyball game Saturday and bellyflopped onto the sand at one point. I remember saying "someone remind me why I will be at the chiropractor this week" but just kept playing. Well anyways I woke up at about 2am last night with horriffic spasms. Once I managed to get out of bed I popped some advil and tried to stretch out a little bit. The spasms are in my shoulderblade area, which I have never had. Needless to say once I tried to get back into bed I realized I was in trouble and sent Brian to search for some muscle relaxers. Luckily I had one left from years ago and that seemed to help. I am still in a fog, but the spasms have let up a bit so thats good.
We were invited to a block party yesterday. There is a little alley way street behind our house, so they were hosting it. It was lots of fun, and a good way to meet some of the people in the neighborhood. The weather is still beautiful here, but you can definately feel the chill in the air at night!

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