Sunday, June 27, 2010

light it up

Neon Themed pub crawl through PB this weekend.
All the kiddos from work on the NEON pub crawl. Yes we were dressed like this for a reason.

Bri was by far the most normal with my vegas hat on but whatever, normal is boring.

And sometimes this is what happens when a 30-something has been pounds vodka sodas all day getting "day drunk" with the youngins. I would like to thank my mother for her godawful taste in shirts that were covered in beads and sequins in the 80s. I have many outfits for future pub crawls.
Come to find out PB is all about the pub crawl. During the day almost everyone is dressed up like a complete moron. I fit right in. At one point shuffle off to Boston came on at a bar. I irish jigged it up and had everyone around me believe I was a true blue irish step dancer. At least thats how it happened in my mind.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

sweet revenge

So my last post was all about being spiteful. I had to stop off at the CVS today. Its the type that has a bunch of cash registers but the line is down one aisle. I noticed there were about 10 people in line. I stood there laughing at the poor woman with 4 girls who were all arguing with each other and thanked my lucky stars that I was there alone. Then an older man and his wife just got in line at one of the registers. The poor kid had to tell him he was not in line and pointed to where the rest of us rule followers were standing. He gave the kid a hard time. I got pissed. At this point I was now at the front of the line and the guy stood next to me ignoring the 5 people behind me. I felt obligated to tell him that the line in fact was way behind me. He argued and ended with "what are you the line manager?" I rebuttled with "I'd ask you if you were a DICK HEAD but i already know the answer to THAT question." I could not believe what came out of my mouth. All my life I have pretty much been a pushover. Not anymore! Luckily the next cashier called me up. Oh not to mention everyone in line cheered for me. As I walked out a girl around my age commended me for my actions, I said "yeah I should have smashed him over the head with my tampon box" hahah that would have been the icing on the cake. I feel like my week of wanting to tell people to F off finally paid off. The guy deserved it, he was a giant jerk. I hate people who do not follow the rules. I guess its the old catholic school girl in me.
Poeple should know they should not mess with me!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't F with me today kids

I am more tired today from my school's walkathon than any marathon/triathlon I have done. Seriously. I woke up before 5 and headed into work just like a race day. Don't get me wrong, it is fun to see everybody and to win some fun prizes, but its just a looooooooooong day. Man. I am also pretty sour on the fact that I have to constantly read status updates from people who work in public schools that actually have a summer vacation. It makes me angry. I understand our kids cannot function being out of school BUT that does not mean that we the staff do not need the time off. I would say that given the difficult (at times) population that we deal with that we should probably have more time off to reboot. I need to reboot. I need to love my job again and right now I want to be somewhere else. I also want to phsically harm the bus drivers that work with our kids. I am suddenly sour and spiteful. Its not enough to just drive home with the top down. I want to be at the beach with the dog. I want to be out exercising and enjoying the sunshine. I want to be out enjoying happy hours in the sun.
My life has been nuts for i'd say the past ten years. In ten years I finished college, moved home, got a job, lost my mom, moved out with a friend, went to grad school, met bri, got a job, got laid off, moved back in with my dad, got another job, moved in with bri, bought a house, got a dog, got married, decided to move to cali, sold the house, got a new job, moved across the country, moved to another house... and here I am. Apparently I like change..BUT DO I? Not really. I guess I had alot of changes that were out of my hands. Thats not fun but you have to roll with the punches. The later part of this decade I finally decided to start making these changes on my own...and now on "our" own. But this has been my life for almost 10 years now. Its kind of the only thing I know. I am not so sure I know how to be in one place for a long period of time.
My mind is always going and constantly thinking about what I can do next, I guess I need a challenge to face. With no challenge I get restless and I feel like that 12 yr old kid during summer vacation whining "but maaaaaaaaaa i'm booooooooored." What the heck was I thinking?! What I wouldn't give to be that kid bored during summer vacation again!
Come to think of it, this happens every year once my big race of the year is done and I don't have something to focus my attention on.

On a funny side note, I pulled into the house today and noticed music blaring and a bunch of kids having fun at the house across the street from us. Now across the street is a hill and we face their backyard. Anyways I was resting my eye lids when I heard some raucus and heard Bri go outside. He put on his old man authoritative voice and yelled "hey kids I don't know what you're doing but you better KNOCK IT OFF!" We laughed at the fact that we were old. Then when we were leaving to head out for a bit we noticed what the commotion was. A bunch of neon colored water ballons that were tossed at our cars/house/garage from above. HAHAHA good stuff. I seriously wanted to knock on their door and scare the shit out of them and make them come down here and sweep up the mess yelling "you missed a spot!" but then I realized that Halloween is just around the corner really and I don't want the house that we rent to be riddled with eggs. I do however want to retaliate. I am good at this kind of stuff, plus I am spiteful and sour right now remember?!?!?!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To my Dad

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful, amazing father who is so much more to me than "Dad."


Monday, June 14, 2010

stiff arms

I joined my friends on their personal training session on Sunday. It was at a very cute park in Encinitas and it involved 3 of us, one trainer and ALOT of grunting. It was pretty much what I expected, I have been to quite a few classes like that the past few years but each time I forget how sore I am the day after. We did a bunch of circuit things, cardio, lifting that kinda thing. At one point we started walking over towards the play structure. I had no idea what I was in store for....pull ups. I have never ever in my life attempting one of these. The closest I have ever come is to that machine at the gym that pretty much lifts you up with weights and you go through the motions with your arms. This was no joke. I don't know how people do this. I don't want to make excuses, but my arms are REALLY long. So to hang and then pull myself up...not possible. Anyways the poor personal trainer had to basically lift me up and back, the poor guy was sweating and i'm pretty sure he would have grunted but was too nice and didn't want to make me feel bad.

Today I literally cannot move my arms. I am sore. Real sore. Its always amazing what you push yourself to do when you are held accountable by others.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

the flying dismount gone bad

okay soooooooo I made it back onto the bike today with a few of the girls (rocketpants & LG). They are lying bitches. I kind of figured it would be an easy ride because rocketpants has had a rough year and was diagnosed with an overtraining disease. f-that when you go biking with someone who is of ironman mentality it is NEVER a recovery type ride. LG mentioned something about '3 witches' out about the course. I have come to realize that when bike routes that contain words like mountain or other evil sayers like witches, you should generally steer clear of them if you are not feeling particularly in shape.It was a gorgeous route though. Anyways as we are riding I am thinking...."hmmn Jod when you get off of your STATIONARY bike at home you can do the fancy pro dismount like a champ, you should definatley try it....try it you woosy!" So I did not mention this to the girls. Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary. So as we were pulling into the parking lot I made up my mind that I was going to try the "flying dismount." Above and below are pictures of people who actually know what they are doing attempting this at a race. Ironically enough the only picture I could find is a fellow blogger and sd athlete Beth, Check her blog out if you want to read about a real triathlete and not a poser like myself! (OMG EXCITING I just figured out how to do the cool blogger link, so proud of myself! links all around!)

As you could probably imagine, my outcome was not so pretty. I got the one leg over, BUT I missed the whole taking the shoes off thing. SO I was still clipped in with one foot. I was stuck and I was heading for a parked car. I hit the car and fell to the ground while still clipped in. The girls look over not knowing what the hell happened and I could barely stop laughing to tell them what I had tried to do. After being home for a bit I was picturing what the pros(or real triathletes for that matter) do, and realized that they don't have their shoes on. BRILLIANT! What a dumbass. I will try it again and this time I will not fall. That was my first fall.. well my first fall on my new bike. I dunno maybe an uncoordinated lanky broad like myself should not attempt such activities. Whats even funnier was trying to explain to brian why i felt the need to do it. Now most do it to save time, not have to take their shoes off that sort of thing. I did it because after long rides its hard to get my long ass leg over my bike and this just seemed 'easier.'

tomorrow morning my friend and his wife invited me to one of their workout sessions at some park in encinitas with their personal trainer. I am sure that I will never be invited back. I tend to over swear and under work at these types of things. Hopefully I develop a gross bruise from my fall today so I have an excuse for why I suck at life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I could use a miracle

One of my coworkers neighbors is distributing the above Mila seeds. These are the seeds from chia seeds. The same thing that you would put on porcelain and grow grass like hair (in college we had a chia dick, it grew hair you know where. the Chaplain came over for dinner once and the chia had to be thrown into the sink so he would not see it...). I have been hearing so much about the chia seeds and its health benefits. I was lucky enough to get a bag of it from my coworker!!!! I can't wait to give it a try and see if it can help with my intestinal issues, so help me god if I start to grow long green hairs all over my body.

If anyone has any suggestions or fun tips as to how to go about ingesting this stuff that would be great!

I am officially on my "off season." I decided after having to waste my $100 entry into the rnr marathon that I did not want to chance missing out on the SDIT and more importantly pissing away $150 bucks. I have pretty much been struggling to really train like I know I should due to illnesses so I put my bib up for sale and a lucky teammate got it. I am relieved. I feel like I have a little stress lifted and now I can just work out as opposed to "train" for something. I am looking forward to my next tnt event and that will start up before I know it so I am going to enjoy my "off season" and hit up some fun classes, volleyball, paddle boarding and whatever else I can think of!

Monday, June 7, 2010

oh dear yogis

Since I was still feeling sick I took to yoga with one of my buds. It was suuuuuuuuuuper hot, like hot like you thought you were going to pass out much of the time. At one point the instructor kind of moaned out "you don't have to be strong or flexible for just have to be aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive."

oh boy the things they say are so funny. I too teach yoga to some of my kids at school and sometimes i laugh at the fact that I am trying to pretend to be a yoga teacher "yes focus on your breath, go inside...blah blah blah." Too funny.

Anyhoo the funnier part of yoga was when this couple in front of me kept like holding hands in their poses. THEN at the end in the corpse pose, they each had their hand on the others heart.....E ZZZZEEEEE people!!!

At least yoga gives me lots of stories....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

sell out

I am a bum. I am not even going to read my posts from earlier cause it will just frustrate me....BUT I had to bag my first race this morning. I was up all night coughing coughing and coughing some more. I was holding off on taking a sleep aide cause I had to wake up at 4 for the half marathon. Well somewhere around 2am (I went to bed at 8) I gave up and took some nyquil knowing I would not be able to function at 4am. I got up at 4 and had to make sure I got in touch with my friend because I was picking her up in the am. Anyways I got in touch with her, she was going to drive and I went back to bed to try to actually get some shut eye. Such a bummer. These things happen though and I have not had the easiest past month with sicknesses. This was just really unfortnate timing to have a sleepless night. Especially when I paid 100 bucks to race. Oh well its still a donation to the leukemia society AND I got the shirt like I finished anyways! I am really hoping that between the cold and the stomach problems that they both stay at bay for the rest of the month so I can get some good workouts in for the triathlon I am doing at the end of the month. Until them I am going to try my best to suck down these monstrous mucinex pills and hope to get some shut eye. I promise a fun and upbeat post is on the horizon...I HOPE!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

rock n roll baby

This week was not the best to be sick (for once i have a head cold and am not sitting on a toilet)for it was the 2nd annual prom at school. Our department pretty much throws this and its ALOT of work but soooooooo worth it. I snookie poofed my hair, rocked a tiara and brought out all the classic prom moves. We had an awesome time with a live band and a limo for the kids to take pictures with. The theme was "Enchanted Forest." Was one of the only days there were little to no behaviors at school and that is record breaking and always amazing to see the kids enjoy a little bit of normalcy.

(k kinda looks like we are holding dildo's. we are not, we are holding flat stanley's and some champagne glasses...get your heads outta the gutter)

After getting home from the prom and wanting to pass out I decided I would try to sweat out my cold on the bike trainer. I put in a solid hour workout and actually did feel a bit better after that.

On the running front, today I picked up my bib number for the rock n roll half marathon. I have to say it is pretty nostalgic for me being at the expo and participating in this event once again. It is so hard to believe that 7 years ago I was here to run my first ever event. What is even harder to believe is that means that my mother has been gone for 8 years. Ugh. I keep kind of hoping that life could be more like a soap opera and people come back to life, or were never really gone. Stupid reality. Anyways I do feel pretty lousy but I am pretty excited to be where i'm at in life and I am pretty sure that if I never lost my mom that I NEVER would have accomplished all that I have so far. But if it meant that I was still a sloth but she was around I would take that trade, pretty fair to say that! I am looking forward to seeing lots of my teammates old and new out there on the course. Should be a very early but fun event with some nice warm temps.