Sunday, June 27, 2010

light it up

Neon Themed pub crawl through PB this weekend.
All the kiddos from work on the NEON pub crawl. Yes we were dressed like this for a reason.

Bri was by far the most normal with my vegas hat on but whatever, normal is boring.

And sometimes this is what happens when a 30-something has been pounds vodka sodas all day getting "day drunk" with the youngins. I would like to thank my mother for her godawful taste in shirts that were covered in beads and sequins in the 80s. I have many outfits for future pub crawls.
Come to find out PB is all about the pub crawl. During the day almost everyone is dressed up like a complete moron. I fit right in. At one point shuffle off to Boston came on at a bar. I irish jigged it up and had everyone around me believe I was a true blue irish step dancer. At least thats how it happened in my mind.

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