Friday, June 4, 2010

rock n roll baby

This week was not the best to be sick (for once i have a head cold and am not sitting on a toilet)for it was the 2nd annual prom at school. Our department pretty much throws this and its ALOT of work but soooooooo worth it. I snookie poofed my hair, rocked a tiara and brought out all the classic prom moves. We had an awesome time with a live band and a limo for the kids to take pictures with. The theme was "Enchanted Forest." Was one of the only days there were little to no behaviors at school and that is record breaking and always amazing to see the kids enjoy a little bit of normalcy.

(k kinda looks like we are holding dildo's. we are not, we are holding flat stanley's and some champagne glasses...get your heads outta the gutter)

After getting home from the prom and wanting to pass out I decided I would try to sweat out my cold on the bike trainer. I put in a solid hour workout and actually did feel a bit better after that.

On the running front, today I picked up my bib number for the rock n roll half marathon. I have to say it is pretty nostalgic for me being at the expo and participating in this event once again. It is so hard to believe that 7 years ago I was here to run my first ever event. What is even harder to believe is that means that my mother has been gone for 8 years. Ugh. I keep kind of hoping that life could be more like a soap opera and people come back to life, or were never really gone. Stupid reality. Anyways I do feel pretty lousy but I am pretty excited to be where i'm at in life and I am pretty sure that if I never lost my mom that I NEVER would have accomplished all that I have so far. But if it meant that I was still a sloth but she was around I would take that trade, pretty fair to say that! I am looking forward to seeing lots of my teammates old and new out there on the course. Should be a very early but fun event with some nice warm temps.

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