Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't F with me today kids

I am more tired today from my school's walkathon than any marathon/triathlon I have done. Seriously. I woke up before 5 and headed into work just like a race day. Don't get me wrong, it is fun to see everybody and to win some fun prizes, but its just a looooooooooong day. Man. I am also pretty sour on the fact that I have to constantly read status updates from people who work in public schools that actually have a summer vacation. It makes me angry. I understand our kids cannot function being out of school BUT that does not mean that we the staff do not need the time off. I would say that given the difficult (at times) population that we deal with that we should probably have more time off to reboot. I need to reboot. I need to love my job again and right now I want to be somewhere else. I also want to phsically harm the bus drivers that work with our kids. I am suddenly sour and spiteful. Its not enough to just drive home with the top down. I want to be at the beach with the dog. I want to be out exercising and enjoying the sunshine. I want to be out enjoying happy hours in the sun.
My life has been nuts for i'd say the past ten years. In ten years I finished college, moved home, got a job, lost my mom, moved out with a friend, went to grad school, met bri, got a job, got laid off, moved back in with my dad, got another job, moved in with bri, bought a house, got a dog, got married, decided to move to cali, sold the house, got a new job, moved across the country, moved to another house... and here I am. Apparently I like change..BUT DO I? Not really. I guess I had alot of changes that were out of my hands. Thats not fun but you have to roll with the punches. The later part of this decade I finally decided to start making these changes on my own...and now on "our" own. But this has been my life for almost 10 years now. Its kind of the only thing I know. I am not so sure I know how to be in one place for a long period of time.
My mind is always going and constantly thinking about what I can do next, I guess I need a challenge to face. With no challenge I get restless and I feel like that 12 yr old kid during summer vacation whining "but maaaaaaaaaa i'm booooooooored." What the heck was I thinking?! What I wouldn't give to be that kid bored during summer vacation again!
Come to think of it, this happens every year once my big race of the year is done and I don't have something to focus my attention on.

On a funny side note, I pulled into the house today and noticed music blaring and a bunch of kids having fun at the house across the street from us. Now across the street is a hill and we face their backyard. Anyways I was resting my eye lids when I heard some raucus and heard Bri go outside. He put on his old man authoritative voice and yelled "hey kids I don't know what you're doing but you better KNOCK IT OFF!" We laughed at the fact that we were old. Then when we were leaving to head out for a bit we noticed what the commotion was. A bunch of neon colored water ballons that were tossed at our cars/house/garage from above. HAHAHA good stuff. I seriously wanted to knock on their door and scare the shit out of them and make them come down here and sweep up the mess yelling "you missed a spot!" but then I realized that Halloween is just around the corner really and I don't want the house that we rent to be riddled with eggs. I do however want to retaliate. I am good at this kind of stuff, plus I am spiteful and sour right now remember?!?!?!

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