Monday, June 29, 2009

They call him Flipper Flipper

So yesterday I sucked it up and got on my trainer in the back yard (couldn't go too far because of "stomach issues"), where I grinded out one of the rehab united workouts, jumped off the bike and ran for a few miles and got back on the bike. It was actually the first real hot day of training I have had. This is a good thing because the day of the event should be close to about 100 degrees by the end. Something I noticed, my heartrate was SKY HIGH during the run. It actually spiked up to 198 at one point, but I am thinking it may have been some kind of interference because it went right back down to 189 and I wasn't even on a hill or anything. I really have no clue what any of this stuff means with heart rates, but I can just assume that the heat and "stomach issues" may have caused some dehydration and causing my heart to work alot harder at a pace that is pretty typical for me. Anyways once I got back on the bike Bri and I decided that another day at the beach was a good idea. Bri wanted to "slay some waves" with his buddy so I of course obliged. The water is still a bit too cold for me (yes i have gone soft) without a wetsuit of course. At one point I looked up to see Bri and Nick way way way out on their boogie boards and a lifeguard going out to let them know that they were in fact in a rip tide. Apparently they replied with "we kind of figured that when we couldn't get back in." I really wasn't too concerned. However a few minutes later there were a bunch of dolphins about 20 yards closer than where they were. yes a tough day.

Today I went back to the Dr after a little bit of work and the Dr is almost certain it is another trigeminal neuralgia flare up. Which I figured all along. She scheduled an MRI for me so that they can better diagnose the problem. I guess sometimes there is a surgery that can be done. I let her know that I in fact took the stairs to the top of the building. She asked if it was to "stay in shape" and I let her know that "no I am just THAT claustrophobic." She then suggested that I could try the "open MRI" I said "WELL DUHHHHH." Then I asked if it was frowned upon to drink lots of wine before/during the mri. She assured me that it was in fact frowned upon but apparently Valium is not!!! SWEET! I should be a real good time with that stuff, seeing as I can hardly handle codine without seeming like a racing moron. That should be a real fun time, I am really looking forward to it, but in classic california shitty health care system, I have to wait 5 days to even schedule the appointment. THANKS ARNOLD!

So tonight I went back to the Coronado pool where I knew that most of the lanes would be used up by a masters swim team (read really small/tight speedos and VERY speedy people). I have to say that we are in California, these people have grown up swimming, and competitively swimming. My competitive swimming involved raging games of Marco Polo at the YMCA for 2 months out of the year. This is what I tell myself as prepubescent kids swim past me. Tonight I started off in my own lane which was nice in the 50 yard pool. THen a tattooed guy joined me and said "want to circle?" I was not entirely too sure what he meant. I said "i'm not into that shit." No i am kidding, I suggested that since there were only two of us that I would just stay on one side and he could stay on the other telling him "i'm sure you are faster than me." He gave me an aggro look and I just kept going. Well two seconds later another guy came to join our lane so circling it was! It felt dirty. ANyways on a few occasions these guys actually swam UNDERNEATH ME!!! I mean come on guys REALLY?! I am sure it was annoying for them to have me slowing them down, but just frigin humor me and swim around me. Whatever they were wearing flippers to "strengthen their legs" i told them they were in face "cheatahs!!!" and then I peed in their lane. THE END

ps i did not actually pee in their lane, but I kind of wished I had because I barely made it to the bathroom in time

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does your face hurt? cause its killin me!

If i've learned anything through the years its that things do not always go as planned. This Saturday I was supposed to be participating in my last long workout before the big day. Instead I woke up to ridiculous head and face pain and had seriously contemplated an ER visit both Friday night and Saturday morning. This has been going on now for two weeks. I have another Dr. appointment this Monday but I just didn't know if it was worth it to wait or not. I just took as many pain relievers as I could and that eventually took the edge off. So instead I spent the day at the beach. I wish I knew why this was happening, but I am assuming I may never figure out why I randomly get these bouts of flare ups. It is nothing that I can't work out through, however this weekend I thought maybe just maybe if I rest, my body will recover a bit quicker. So that is what I am going with. I also made it out last night to my friend Kim's bachelorette party, although I had to curb the fun majorly, only allowing myself one vodka and soda. It was fun to see her and some girls and to get out of the house for a bit. I cabbed it home rather early because I hit the wall pretty hard.
Which made it nice and easy to wake up early to go cheer on some friends for the San Diego International Triathlon. I made a sign for my good friend LG and parked my ass on my beach chair right downtown. I have to say I have never said "look'n good" "keep it up" "almost there" to more people in my life, and a few "best looking guy out here" to a few of the older men. I was right by a major intersection that they had to keep open even though the runners were going through. I saw about 4 people almost get killed by cars, one being a teammate of mine. So I was also throwing out "don't get hit by that bus" to many people. At one point the crazy traffic director yelled to a car "watch out for the joggers" and I yelled back in their defense "Sir, they are not joggers, they're triathletes" he apologized and did not make that mistake again. The triathletes loved it. It was such a beautiful day to race and I got to see many teammates go by looking strong and LG with her cute little swagger and cheerful disposition "this is fun!!!" as others were not looking so hot. Gotta love a good race day!

So for me today the pain held off til around 10am which is an improvement so that is good. I am going to do a little bike/run/bike/run today to not feel like a total sloth. Then possibly hit the beach cause Bri would like to "slay some waves" today with some of our friends. Then its time for a massage. Life is tough. I will be sure to update on tomorrows Dr appointment. I think I need to suck it up and actually get the MRI that my Dr suggested a few weeks ago. I thought this would be over and done with so I turned it down originally but now I would just like to rule out any other nonsense so I can move forward and treat this properly. I am not sure if drinking heavily before an MRI is recommended or not, but its either that or tranquilizers!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

stress balls

I don't know if I really am stressed, but every dr seems to attribute all my issues to "stress." I am not a very stressed person, I swear, so wtf? I have had a terrible toothache, and can't even eat frozen yogurt because the cold is so painful (ruining my life basically) so I assumed I had my first cavity.....NOPE! Bri and I found a great dentist in our area and turns out they are almost all from Boston so I felt right at home. When I started explaining the neuralgia and the toothpain he seemed to think it was because of my jaw and something I am doing with that. THe solution was a very uncomfortable little nightguard that just covers my bottom two teeth and makes it so that my top teeth slide on it and never get locked into one position. I am really hoping that this takes away some of the pressure and gives me some relief. I still have alot of sensitivity on my head and when my hair even moves it is painful. At least when I got home my wonderful husband had a suprise for me and had a band made to go with my engagement ring. It is so beautiful and my cousin Tommy did another great job on another ring, hopefully there will be many more to come!!

This week my foot has been feeling a little better. It is not as painful at night and did not bother me too much running on Sunday. I squeezed in a good trainer session this week, but my real motivation was to start correcting my messed up tan lines on my back for the summer. So I rode my bike with my back to the sun with my bikini on. I am not messin around. I am also trying to do all my swims as continuous swims and really tried to push myself a bit today to see how quickly I could swim 500 yards at a time. 11 minutes was my fastest time, and I really have no idea what that means. What I was trying to figure out was if there was a drastic difference between moving my arms and legs alot faster, or doing long smooth strokes, and there was only about a 40 second difference, but I was much more tired doing it faster (go figure right).

We were supposed to have a "recovery ride" this weekend which I was psyched about because I am celebrating a friends bachelorette party here that night. I just got an email that we are switching and doing a 55 mile bike and a 10 mile run instead so that we dont have to be out the whole day on July 4th. In a way I am glad because I think it will be safer and more fun to instead spend the day at the beach with friends but now I am really going to drag for the party this weekend. Oh well, I only have 3 or so more weeks of training.

Ok, maybe I am stressed. Where are those silly stress balls when you need them?!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

somebody call 911

After my negative nelly post last night I figured a positive one is in store and luckily todays ride was nothing but (well except one part....i'll get to that). We met today in Escondido, which is a half hour drive east from here. We rode a semi similar course to the Vineman course, although this one was about 4X hillier, but the hills were in similar points as the race. I rode the whole ride with my friend Robin which makes such a difference to be able to gab it up and make time go by. At one point we hit a pretty nice downhill and Robin was in front. I saw a dumbass jack rabbit run into the road just as a large truck came up the hill. The poor rabbit got ping ponged from one tire to the next and the tires rotation actually shot the goddamn thing across the road and directly my way. I closed my eyes and yelled like a little girl for about 5 straight minutes. I was convinced that I had rabbit juice on me the whole ride. It was by far the nastiest thing I have noticed. That was really the only down part to the ride. I ate some peanut butter jelly sandwiches that I made for the ride, and that seemed to curb my hunger a bit which usually gets me about halfway through the ride. It got really windy on our way back and at one point we were going downhill and I was in one of my easiest gears and was actually pushing it pretty hard, it was rather bizarre. The weather here today is nasty, but it was kind of nice out east, so it must have been this front moving in. I feel alot better after todays ride. Its amazing what a mental game this all is and sometimes you really do succomb to it and start to do a whole lot of negative talk. I apologize for that. I decided since I felt good that I should just forgo the run after the ride and am going to go for a run around Coronado tomorrow with a teammate and then swim at the kickass Coronado pool again. So all in all a very good day, boy I needed that. Might I add that its kind of amazing that now 50 miles, and climbing for over 5000ft of it seems 'easy'.

todays stats:

avg heart rate 158
max hr 182
5049- elevation gain
avg speed 11.9
time 4:10
51 miles
2812 calories

oh and to explain my blog title today, I had that stupid song in my head for our ENTIRE RIDE...brutal. shorty's fire burnin on the dance floor whoaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Glory Days

At my school we have a few highlights throughout the year. First up was the Holiday show which I emceed and all the classrooms do full out skits and what not. Very impressive and has been going on for 20 years. Next up is a walkathon to raise money for our school. Just to give us a little more to do, we decided to have the first prom. We threw it together in a few weeks and decided on the theme being "the Prommy's" and the kids would walk the red carpet and feel like celebrities for the day. It was such a crazy day starting out with setting up (and there were only about 5 of us able to do so) blowing up hundreds of balloons, decorating, and my other speechies set up a salon in our office where all the girls came for nails, hair and make-up. It was absolutely awesome. All week my date showered me with flowers, real and made and was so excited I knew that prom day would be something else. Even though he speaks very little he did tell me that I should wear "red" so red it was! His reaction was priceless and we walked arm and arm down the red carpet where Bri was there to chaperone and make sure no funny business went on. My date would not let go of me or let me stop dancing the entire time. It was just like prom, sweaty and stinky. I forgot to mention that one of our OT's is in an unbelieveable band and he got his buddies to come and play so it felt like a true blue prom. A few times other students tried to come up and steal me for a dance and my date was not having it at all. To avoid a full out brawl I obliged and tried to keep the peace. It was hilarious to say the least and a great time had by all! Now hopefully it will be an annual event because it was so special to see all the kids and staff have so much fun.

Oh and I was in severe face pain the whole time and just sucked it up. Made it to the Dr last night and I have another bout of trigeminal neuralgia. I was slightly concerned because the internet is bad for self diagnoses. But even the Dr looked it up on the internet. Its basically extreme face pain on one side. It is however mainly coming from my jaw today so I kind of wonder if it is a TMJ kind of thing. THe Dr. said it was most likely stress and asked if there was anything stressful going on and thank god bri was in the room because he quickly reminded me "the dog jodes" ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh that would do it. I was convinced I would get the shingles after last week. Its amazing what a stressful event will do to your body. I am feeling the stress to say the least. I am worried about my training and my injury and just really losing my umph! I feel like this training season is just one month too long cause I am starting to dread my Saturdays, well my weekends in general, and that is no way to live! I am sure it is just a moment of weakness but this is not easy, especially when your body does not cooperate. BUt I will not give up. I will power on and I will swim, bike and run, and drink lots of wine come July 18th!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dr. Dr. gimme the news

This week I quickly realized that I would need to see a Dr about my foot pain. I had a proper bike fitting on Monday at a local bike store and it was extremely thorough and EXPENSIVE. I had to get new shoes since mine were really old and really heavy. There were no shoes under $140....awesome. I also needed new pedals that would perhaps give me the ability to move my foot a little more towards my natural position (much like a duck). Those are going to run me about $250. I convinced the guy to let me try them out before purchasing and so they did. Maybe they'll forget about me and I can just have the used ones for free.
Since I had such bad luck with Dr's out here in the past I figured I would not mess around since my event is in a month and went with a highly recommended sports medicine Dr. I showed up nice and early and even though I gave my insurance information to the receptionist the day before, she says "oh we don't take your insurance here." I don't think that has ever happened before, I didn't know what to do. My recent bike trips have cost me quite a bit of money and I just felt a bit overwhelmed. I asked how much and she said it would be $150 for an hour. I just kind of stood there looking perplexed and reminded her that she could have told me that the day before. She felt bad and said they could do it for $75. Since my copayments alone are $35 I figured it was worth it for a good dr, especially if his diagnosis and rec's could save me from going from dr to dr. I am glad I did. He was amazing. He gave me a very thorough exam and came to the conclusion that it is most likely plantar fascitis. He said if it is a stress fracture it is really early on and it would not be picked up anyways. He also said that if it was it would hurt alot more when I am actually working out. My pain is mostly at night, or when I am not on my feet. Weird I know but whatever. So my coaches have suggested I lay off the running and do my 'runs' on the eliptical. Now seeing as I don't have a gym membership out here that may be challenging but i'll see what I can do. Figures that I pick up an annoying injury just one month before the event. I just want to be as injury free as possible because that makes all the difference in the world come race day. I have only made it through a training season one time without being injured so I am used to this and really not too concerned at this point. Luckily the swimming and biking are not hard on the foot so I will just keep on keeping on.

TO test my foot out I went to a hip hop class with a friend from work. It was so much fun and reminded me of how fun working out can be. Of course it was led by the cutest, most flamboyant gay man that I have ever met. I wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. We learned a dance to a JLo song and I worked it pretty hardcore. The class was so diverse, there were young girls there and women up in their 60s and everything in between. I think a few of the women had on body glitter, which i'm not too sure how I felt about that. Since my crazy scottish pro is out of the country for the month, that frees up my Tuesday nights so that I can do some fun stuff. I felt like I was watching myself when I was 10 years old cause there was a lanky young girl there who was just spazzing away learning the dance moves and although she knew them perfectly, she was just a bit too awkward to make it all come together. BOY I REMEMBER THOSE DAYS!! Not that I am much different now, but I must say I can learn a dance routine pretty quickly. I am very much looking forward to some more fun stuff once the triathlon is over. Bri and I are planning on taking tennis lessons down the street from us. I'm sure i'll end up with tennis elbow in no time!!

My flights are booked as well as my dads for the big event. I am very excited for it! This weekend is another long workout and I will do the whole bike and possibly attempt to run a bit if my coaches permit. Then the next weekend is a recovery week and then on the 4th of July is a doozie! 60 mile bike ride and 10 mile run. I am hoping to be healthy enough to complete that before the event. While I know that my legs can take me at least 26.2 miles, I also know how important it is to be healthy at the starting line. So that is what I will focus my attention on this month and hopefully not lose my fitness level at all. Here's hoping!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tough Life

This is where I swam today. Yeah I know. Today that middle part was not in the pool so it was really a 50 yard lane. It was pretty awesome. The ocean was to one side. This place was amazing and it was pretty cheap, and if we lived in Coronado it is practically free. I busted it out for about an hour and swam 2000 yards. I have no idea how many miles that is, I think its just a little over 1. Come to find out when you swim the same stroke in an outside pool you get tan lines that make you look like you are 8 years old again. sweet.

I did not work out yesterday and I tried hard not to feel guilty about it. I have had a pain in my foot for a few weeks. It is where a bunyon would be if i had one and kind of feels like a foot cramp that doesn't go away. It gets worse with inactivity, so if I take a nap or at night it is pretty painful. THen as soon as I get up and it loosens up it gets a bit better. I had a plantar fasciatis problem a few years ago and although it feels different and not as severe, the whole nighttime thing sounds familiar. I am going to see a doctor who deals specifically with "athletes" so that he is on board with whatever it takes to make it to the finish line. He was recommended by a teammate so I have a feeling I will be in good hands unlike my previous doctor experience here.
So I took it easy and will most likely do so until I know what I am dealing with...maybe. I am getting a bike fitting tomorrow so that I can figure out why my rides are so uncomfortable (i.e. I lose all feeling in my lower extremities). So hopefully that will help, apparently I have mountain biking clips and shoes right now. THey pretty much looked at my bike and told me everything was all wrong.....awesome. It should be a nice and pricey night tomorrow!
Belle is doing well, no more seizures which is good. The vet said sometimes they don't happen for a while so if they are far enough in between then we may not even have to treat it. That would be nice. I would prefer never to see her go through that again.
Over and out!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Belle's terrible horrible no good very bad night

So my wonderful husband has been away this week and before leaving I thought of the things I feared most happening while he was away:
someone breaking into the house
the dog getting fleas
the dog puking

The dog got fleas on Monday and I quickly rectified that situation and only cried a little bit (I hate bugs.)
Last night while I was cozy and in a nice slumber with my dog she darted off the bed nailed the bureau and began scurrying around the house like a maniac. I originally assumed she must have heard something, and she fell so hard that I also thought she must have broken a leg. She was just scurrying around and convulsing and running into walls. I got her onto the rug and tried to get her to respond. She was pretty much out of it and would not respond to much (even her favorite squeaky toy). She finally started shaking and then started to throw up, but that was the least of my worries. Eventually she got up and I quickly realized her legs were fine. I of course called Bri at about 4:30 his time panicking and crying, so he talked me down. I was going to take her to the emergency room but once she came around I figured I would see how she did through the night.

I assumed she fell so hard and hit her head causing the convulsions. While I see seizures on a regular basis at school I had a feeling it was one, but thought it must have been brought on by the fall. I kept the dog up all night (as if I could sleep anyway!!!) and woke her up about every half hour to make sure she was okay. We went to the vet this afternoon and the Dr was pretty certain by my description that it was an epileptic seizure and that is probably why she fell out of the bed in the first place. He said its pretty difficult for a dog to get a concussion or anything like that.

Basically now we have to wait to see if it happens again to make a proper diagnosis. In the meantime I just had to sitck some tupperware under her while she squatted to get a pee sample.
I swear I should never have kids because I am not sure how I would endure watching a little one in a situation that I could not control. oye!!

OH I ALMOST FORGOT. Last night in my panicked stupor I took the dog out and she pooped. Its about 2am and i reach to pick it up with the doggy bag and didnt realize it was ripped and got poop all over my hands. Boy was I grossed out. WHAT A WEEK

The vets are running some tests to rule out any other issues and once those are ruled out we can see about getting to a neurologist to get some proper meds for her so that she does not have to go through that again. The poor thing was so scared (and so was I!!).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Since tomorrow is the anniversary of my mothers passing I figured I would get serious for once. It is so hard to believe that seven years have gone by. I don't think it will matter how much time passes, I still remember it all as if it were yesterday. It is frustrating that those memories will stick with me forever, but that the little memories and happenings of our day to day lives slowly slips away with each passing day. While I still do feel a major connection to my mother I obviously wish she were physically here to participate in life with all of us.

This comes at a good time for me motivationally. I have about a month left of training until my triathlon and am continuing to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Here are the facts, my mothers cancer was horrible. She was diagnosed way late, and did not really have a fighting chance. When my mother was diagnosed with myeloma she went to an info session and was told that the statitistics were "1-3 years." She left that day and never spoke of it to any of us. Almost 6 months after her diagnosis she went in for a stem cell transplant. That was supposed to "cure her" and I thought that would be it. She was home within a month or so and was even able to return back to work for some part time hours. Shortly after the myeloma was back again. Most people get years after their stem cell transplants before the ugly head rears itself again. My mother had months. After enduring all that went into the transplant she knew she did not have that in her again. In February was the first time that I realized that we would lose her. She ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and was put on a ventilator for the first time. It was frightening. ALthough she may have been ready to go then, we were not quite ready for the harsh reality and she managed to pull herself out of that and come home again. A month later she was at my birthday and that is where our last picture together was taken. Just months after that while my father was building a ramp so that she could easily access the house in the wheelchair, she went back into the hospital and would not make it home.

I will never forget my mothers doctors coming into the waiting area and crying with us saying "I just know that there will come a day when there is a better treatment and we will think of Betty Lou." I just really hope that that is true. That is why I have been pushing my limits for 7 years and begging everyone for money so that someday I can read an article or hear from a researcher that they have the answer. I am not asking for a cure, I am asking for something that makes life a little bit easier for people who have to live everyday with cancer.

There are now many new treatments for myeloma. I often think if she had been able to live 3 years, she would have been able to answer my phone call to hear me say "I got into grad school!" if she had lived a little longer than that "hey I had a crazy blind date with a midget" a little after that "I had another blind date with someone I might marry" If she had been given 5 years to live, she would have seen my brother get married and hold her first grandchild. If she had lived 6 more years she would have been there to meet Brian and I after we got engaged. If she had lived a little more than that she could have been the one holding her fathers hand as he passed away and soon thereafter to be the one to tell her mother that papa was gone. Its probably a good thing she wasn't around to hear "we are getting married in Mexico" and even more so, "we are moving to California" because she probably would have killed me.

While its those big times that make it really difficult to be without her, it is really those little things I miss the most. I still can't smell parmesan cheese and not think of my mothers hands after she had grated the cheese for our pasta dinners. All the times she teased me for having "fried eggs." All the times that she would reprimand me and then I would hear her on the phone with her friends laughing saying "the apple doesn't fall far." The times I would walk into the house after being out with friends and hearing "you smell like a goddamn brewery" (after 21 of course). The smell of her baby powder that she always put on after a shower. The many days we would spend at the beach soaking up the sun. I can't help but laugh when I hear daughters and their mothers bickering and fighting. I want to say so badly "do you have any idea how badly I wish I could have a fight with my mother right now?" There is nothing quite like the bond and relationship between a mother and a daughter. People think it is the big things that shape their lives and mold them into who they are, but really it is all the little things we do. 7 years might not sound like much, but if someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer hears that their prognosis is about 7-10 years, just think about how many of those small moments you can still have, not to mention the big ones.

I truly wish nobody would have to go through what my mother went through, and what my family did as well. But the fact is that this is probably not the hardest thing that I will have to endure in life. I can only hope that my efforts will make a difference to somebody being diagnosed, and a difference to their family. 7 years ago I thought I was going to be feel lost for a long time. I quickly found my way and tuned my situation into one I could deal with. TNT has been such a big part of that. Not only for the comraderie of it all, but for the feeling that I can actually do something so that someday, someone might be able to have a few more holiday parties to throw, a few more fights with their kids about who they are hanging out with, or a few more laughs with their husbands about how much their kids drive them crazy and a few more days to see their kids grow into adults they would be proud of.

Hopefully after 7 more years I will be able to report that nowadays people diagnosed with myeloma can expect a cure. You just never know when that is around the corner.

If you would like to donate to the leukemia and lymphoma society please visit my page:

Thanks for all your love and support the past 7 years, I would not be here without it and will continue to need it with each passing day.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pee bushes

The focus of todays workout was "extending the brick." My word for todays workout would have to be 'uncomfortable. ' My legs were pretty much numb after about 18 miles. Not sure what the deal is there but I have to keep stopping so I could get some circulation going. My coach thinks my seat may be too big so I am going to try to look into a new seat. We rode up the coast through Camp Pendleton and it was a nice flat ride. I did 44 miles and averaged 13.6 mph which is okay I suppose. After the ride, we had a 7 mile run. My stomach was like someone put a giant ball of junk in it. I really have to figure out a better nutrition plan. I am going to try some accelerade next week and see if that helps at all. I had to do quite a bit of walking to get my heart rate down and I felt like I was barely moving. Another coach asked what my heart rate was while running, and he basically said I should be about 10% lower and remain at 75% of my threshold. I let him know that I would be walking if thats the case because I already felt like I was crawling while running and my heart rate was still about 85%. The problem is that when your heart rate is over 75% you are unable to digest anything, even water. This means that my body is pretty much not digesting anything on the bike or run. hmmn. At least I have a month to figure this out! Oh did I mention that the whole run all I could smell was urine. There are some bushes along the coast that are brutal. This did not help so much since I felt like vomiting most of the way.

Bike stats
time 3:12
distance 44 miles
calories burned 1975
elevation gain 1922
average heart rate 160

run stats:
time: 1:29
distance 6.8 miles
13 minute miles
best pace 10 minute mile
average heart rate: 169
highest heart rate 179
calories burned: 629

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay so since a very young age I have always enjoyed watching people hurt themselves. If you fall in front of me I will laugh at you, whether you are a friend or stranger. I still watch america's funniest videos with the hopes of an old persons montage where I typically wet myself from laughing at watching the old folks who are usually hopped up on some booze and wiping out like no other. Or if you have never watched the "grape lady" video on youtube you must. I can barely make it through alive.

Anyhoo since no new shows are on silly shows are back, such as WIPEOUT! While sitting here I thought "that looks like fun." Bri just reminded me that its filmed here in California. So yes people I just applied to be in Wipeout. I will surely keep you all posted if I hear back from them. I mean I can't understand why they wouldn't want the most unathletic athletic person on there, who pretty much makes an ass out of herself on a regular basis just for kicks. I would soooooooo love to bounce on those balls.

Brian just reminded me that the host of the show, the "mazda girl" is on his top five. She is like the 600th person to be on his top five.