Friday, June 19, 2009

Glory Days

At my school we have a few highlights throughout the year. First up was the Holiday show which I emceed and all the classrooms do full out skits and what not. Very impressive and has been going on for 20 years. Next up is a walkathon to raise money for our school. Just to give us a little more to do, we decided to have the first prom. We threw it together in a few weeks and decided on the theme being "the Prommy's" and the kids would walk the red carpet and feel like celebrities for the day. It was such a crazy day starting out with setting up (and there were only about 5 of us able to do so) blowing up hundreds of balloons, decorating, and my other speechies set up a salon in our office where all the girls came for nails, hair and make-up. It was absolutely awesome. All week my date showered me with flowers, real and made and was so excited I knew that prom day would be something else. Even though he speaks very little he did tell me that I should wear "red" so red it was! His reaction was priceless and we walked arm and arm down the red carpet where Bri was there to chaperone and make sure no funny business went on. My date would not let go of me or let me stop dancing the entire time. It was just like prom, sweaty and stinky. I forgot to mention that one of our OT's is in an unbelieveable band and he got his buddies to come and play so it felt like a true blue prom. A few times other students tried to come up and steal me for a dance and my date was not having it at all. To avoid a full out brawl I obliged and tried to keep the peace. It was hilarious to say the least and a great time had by all! Now hopefully it will be an annual event because it was so special to see all the kids and staff have so much fun.

Oh and I was in severe face pain the whole time and just sucked it up. Made it to the Dr last night and I have another bout of trigeminal neuralgia. I was slightly concerned because the internet is bad for self diagnoses. But even the Dr looked it up on the internet. Its basically extreme face pain on one side. It is however mainly coming from my jaw today so I kind of wonder if it is a TMJ kind of thing. THe Dr. said it was most likely stress and asked if there was anything stressful going on and thank god bri was in the room because he quickly reminded me "the dog jodes" ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh that would do it. I was convinced I would get the shingles after last week. Its amazing what a stressful event will do to your body. I am feeling the stress to say the least. I am worried about my training and my injury and just really losing my umph! I feel like this training season is just one month too long cause I am starting to dread my Saturdays, well my weekends in general, and that is no way to live! I am sure it is just a moment of weakness but this is not easy, especially when your body does not cooperate. BUt I will not give up. I will power on and I will swim, bike and run, and drink lots of wine come July 18th!!!

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