Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does your face hurt? cause its killin me!

If i've learned anything through the years its that things do not always go as planned. This Saturday I was supposed to be participating in my last long workout before the big day. Instead I woke up to ridiculous head and face pain and had seriously contemplated an ER visit both Friday night and Saturday morning. This has been going on now for two weeks. I have another Dr. appointment this Monday but I just didn't know if it was worth it to wait or not. I just took as many pain relievers as I could and that eventually took the edge off. So instead I spent the day at the beach. I wish I knew why this was happening, but I am assuming I may never figure out why I randomly get these bouts of flare ups. It is nothing that I can't work out through, however this weekend I thought maybe just maybe if I rest, my body will recover a bit quicker. So that is what I am going with. I also made it out last night to my friend Kim's bachelorette party, although I had to curb the fun majorly, only allowing myself one vodka and soda. It was fun to see her and some girls and to get out of the house for a bit. I cabbed it home rather early because I hit the wall pretty hard.
Which made it nice and easy to wake up early to go cheer on some friends for the San Diego International Triathlon. I made a sign for my good friend LG and parked my ass on my beach chair right downtown. I have to say I have never said "look'n good" "keep it up" "almost there" to more people in my life, and a few "best looking guy out here" to a few of the older men. I was right by a major intersection that they had to keep open even though the runners were going through. I saw about 4 people almost get killed by cars, one being a teammate of mine. So I was also throwing out "don't get hit by that bus" to many people. At one point the crazy traffic director yelled to a car "watch out for the joggers" and I yelled back in their defense "Sir, they are not joggers, they're triathletes" he apologized and did not make that mistake again. The triathletes loved it. It was such a beautiful day to race and I got to see many teammates go by looking strong and LG with her cute little swagger and cheerful disposition "this is fun!!!" as others were not looking so hot. Gotta love a good race day!

So for me today the pain held off til around 10am which is an improvement so that is good. I am going to do a little bike/run/bike/run today to not feel like a total sloth. Then possibly hit the beach cause Bri would like to "slay some waves" today with some of our friends. Then its time for a massage. Life is tough. I will be sure to update on tomorrows Dr appointment. I think I need to suck it up and actually get the MRI that my Dr suggested a few weeks ago. I thought this would be over and done with so I turned it down originally but now I would just like to rule out any other nonsense so I can move forward and treat this properly. I am not sure if drinking heavily before an MRI is recommended or not, but its either that or tranquilizers!


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