Monday, June 29, 2009

They call him Flipper Flipper

So yesterday I sucked it up and got on my trainer in the back yard (couldn't go too far because of "stomach issues"), where I grinded out one of the rehab united workouts, jumped off the bike and ran for a few miles and got back on the bike. It was actually the first real hot day of training I have had. This is a good thing because the day of the event should be close to about 100 degrees by the end. Something I noticed, my heartrate was SKY HIGH during the run. It actually spiked up to 198 at one point, but I am thinking it may have been some kind of interference because it went right back down to 189 and I wasn't even on a hill or anything. I really have no clue what any of this stuff means with heart rates, but I can just assume that the heat and "stomach issues" may have caused some dehydration and causing my heart to work alot harder at a pace that is pretty typical for me. Anyways once I got back on the bike Bri and I decided that another day at the beach was a good idea. Bri wanted to "slay some waves" with his buddy so I of course obliged. The water is still a bit too cold for me (yes i have gone soft) without a wetsuit of course. At one point I looked up to see Bri and Nick way way way out on their boogie boards and a lifeguard going out to let them know that they were in fact in a rip tide. Apparently they replied with "we kind of figured that when we couldn't get back in." I really wasn't too concerned. However a few minutes later there were a bunch of dolphins about 20 yards closer than where they were. yes a tough day.

Today I went back to the Dr after a little bit of work and the Dr is almost certain it is another trigeminal neuralgia flare up. Which I figured all along. She scheduled an MRI for me so that they can better diagnose the problem. I guess sometimes there is a surgery that can be done. I let her know that I in fact took the stairs to the top of the building. She asked if it was to "stay in shape" and I let her know that "no I am just THAT claustrophobic." She then suggested that I could try the "open MRI" I said "WELL DUHHHHH." Then I asked if it was frowned upon to drink lots of wine before/during the mri. She assured me that it was in fact frowned upon but apparently Valium is not!!! SWEET! I should be a real good time with that stuff, seeing as I can hardly handle codine without seeming like a racing moron. That should be a real fun time, I am really looking forward to it, but in classic california shitty health care system, I have to wait 5 days to even schedule the appointment. THANKS ARNOLD!

So tonight I went back to the Coronado pool where I knew that most of the lanes would be used up by a masters swim team (read really small/tight speedos and VERY speedy people). I have to say that we are in California, these people have grown up swimming, and competitively swimming. My competitive swimming involved raging games of Marco Polo at the YMCA for 2 months out of the year. This is what I tell myself as prepubescent kids swim past me. Tonight I started off in my own lane which was nice in the 50 yard pool. THen a tattooed guy joined me and said "want to circle?" I was not entirely too sure what he meant. I said "i'm not into that shit." No i am kidding, I suggested that since there were only two of us that I would just stay on one side and he could stay on the other telling him "i'm sure you are faster than me." He gave me an aggro look and I just kept going. Well two seconds later another guy came to join our lane so circling it was! It felt dirty. ANyways on a few occasions these guys actually swam UNDERNEATH ME!!! I mean come on guys REALLY?! I am sure it was annoying for them to have me slowing them down, but just frigin humor me and swim around me. Whatever they were wearing flippers to "strengthen their legs" i told them they were in face "cheatahs!!!" and then I peed in their lane. THE END

ps i did not actually pee in their lane, but I kind of wished I had because I barely made it to the bathroom in time

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