Wednesday, June 24, 2009

stress balls

I don't know if I really am stressed, but every dr seems to attribute all my issues to "stress." I am not a very stressed person, I swear, so wtf? I have had a terrible toothache, and can't even eat frozen yogurt because the cold is so painful (ruining my life basically) so I assumed I had my first cavity.....NOPE! Bri and I found a great dentist in our area and turns out they are almost all from Boston so I felt right at home. When I started explaining the neuralgia and the toothpain he seemed to think it was because of my jaw and something I am doing with that. THe solution was a very uncomfortable little nightguard that just covers my bottom two teeth and makes it so that my top teeth slide on it and never get locked into one position. I am really hoping that this takes away some of the pressure and gives me some relief. I still have alot of sensitivity on my head and when my hair even moves it is painful. At least when I got home my wonderful husband had a suprise for me and had a band made to go with my engagement ring. It is so beautiful and my cousin Tommy did another great job on another ring, hopefully there will be many more to come!!

This week my foot has been feeling a little better. It is not as painful at night and did not bother me too much running on Sunday. I squeezed in a good trainer session this week, but my real motivation was to start correcting my messed up tan lines on my back for the summer. So I rode my bike with my back to the sun with my bikini on. I am not messin around. I am also trying to do all my swims as continuous swims and really tried to push myself a bit today to see how quickly I could swim 500 yards at a time. 11 minutes was my fastest time, and I really have no idea what that means. What I was trying to figure out was if there was a drastic difference between moving my arms and legs alot faster, or doing long smooth strokes, and there was only about a 40 second difference, but I was much more tired doing it faster (go figure right).

We were supposed to have a "recovery ride" this weekend which I was psyched about because I am celebrating a friends bachelorette party here that night. I just got an email that we are switching and doing a 55 mile bike and a 10 mile run instead so that we dont have to be out the whole day on July 4th. In a way I am glad because I think it will be safer and more fun to instead spend the day at the beach with friends but now I am really going to drag for the party this weekend. Oh well, I only have 3 or so more weeks of training.

Ok, maybe I am stressed. Where are those silly stress balls when you need them?!

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