Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pee bushes

The focus of todays workout was "extending the brick." My word for todays workout would have to be 'uncomfortable. ' My legs were pretty much numb after about 18 miles. Not sure what the deal is there but I have to keep stopping so I could get some circulation going. My coach thinks my seat may be too big so I am going to try to look into a new seat. We rode up the coast through Camp Pendleton and it was a nice flat ride. I did 44 miles and averaged 13.6 mph which is okay I suppose. After the ride, we had a 7 mile run. My stomach was like someone put a giant ball of junk in it. I really have to figure out a better nutrition plan. I am going to try some accelerade next week and see if that helps at all. I had to do quite a bit of walking to get my heart rate down and I felt like I was barely moving. Another coach asked what my heart rate was while running, and he basically said I should be about 10% lower and remain at 75% of my threshold. I let him know that I would be walking if thats the case because I already felt like I was crawling while running and my heart rate was still about 85%. The problem is that when your heart rate is over 75% you are unable to digest anything, even water. This means that my body is pretty much not digesting anything on the bike or run. hmmn. At least I have a month to figure this out! Oh did I mention that the whole run all I could smell was urine. There are some bushes along the coast that are brutal. This did not help so much since I felt like vomiting most of the way.

Bike stats
time 3:12
distance 44 miles
calories burned 1975
elevation gain 1922
average heart rate 160

run stats:
time: 1:29
distance 6.8 miles
13 minute miles
best pace 10 minute mile
average heart rate: 169
highest heart rate 179
calories burned: 629

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