Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay so since a very young age I have always enjoyed watching people hurt themselves. If you fall in front of me I will laugh at you, whether you are a friend or stranger. I still watch america's funniest videos with the hopes of an old persons montage where I typically wet myself from laughing at watching the old folks who are usually hopped up on some booze and wiping out like no other. Or if you have never watched the "grape lady" video on youtube you must. I can barely make it through alive.

Anyhoo since no new shows are on silly shows are back, such as WIPEOUT! While sitting here I thought "that looks like fun." Bri just reminded me that its filmed here in California. So yes people I just applied to be in Wipeout. I will surely keep you all posted if I hear back from them. I mean I can't understand why they wouldn't want the most unathletic athletic person on there, who pretty much makes an ass out of herself on a regular basis just for kicks. I would soooooooo love to bounce on those balls.

Brian just reminded me that the host of the show, the "mazda girl" is on his top five. She is like the 600th person to be on his top five.

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