Thursday, November 27, 2008

turkey with a side of shingles

So my dad has been complaining of neck pain and woke up today with shingles. Not fun, they are pretty much on the right side of his head. So he booked an early flight home tomorrow. Luckily he was here to taste Brian's first smoked turkey. He had me chronicle the entire event. It was rather delicious and is now going to be a tradition. Oh I should have mentioned that he was manning the grill in the heaviest rain we have had here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

la la la la la la last night

After seeing my friends pictures from the numerous New Kids concerts that they went to in Boston I knew I had to go when they came out here. After begging pretty much everyone I know here to go with me, I finally convinced a friend of mine to come. I kept getting screwed with tickets but managed to find some floor seats last minute. My friend ended up getting sick, so I ended up posting the one ticket on craigslist and found a random dude(and surprisingly he was not gay) from good ole Dorchester!
So before the show, I of course took out my "play clothes" and tried on my go to 80's outfit: La Gear jacket, flourescent orange skirt, and black hat (all originals). I came out of the room and the dog started to bark at me like I was an intruder. I knew from that reaction that I was onto something. So yes I went to the New Kids by myself, and dressed up like an idiot. I was in good company once there, about 15000 screaming girls. I could have done without the chic next to me that puked on my feet before the New Kids even came out on stage, but hey she was having a good time.

I chose my seats because they were right next to the second stage that they sing about 3 songs on. However I chose to make a bathroom run before, and got held up by security for about 20 minutes. I was practically in tears once I realized that they invited everyone from my row to stand right around the piano that they sang at. I was trying hard to be nice even though I was pissed which paid off. Some security guard ended up letting me into a secret elevator so I could get back up into the stadium and then I had to fight my way back down. I managed to muscle through (probably poked people with my bedazzled jacket) back to my area. It was superfun, and during one of the songs it mentions spinning a pony tail and Joey Mac pointed right at me and made a spinning motion (my hair was in a side pony tail of course) so I spun it around for him, and he pointed and laughed. It gets em everytime!

So a superfun night, I pretty much peed myself all night from jumping up and down while screaming. I never thought i'd be at a New Kids concert drinking a beer, but it happened last night.

My dad arrived last night and we are going to try to get some sun before another little storm rolls through. It is amazing how much coverage "STORM WATCH" gets here for basically a sprinkling of rain.

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

blah blah blah

There some pics from our hike in torrey pines on veteran's day and a pic of the flowers big al sent me!
A quiet week here, our water polo game was average this week, although we had 4 girls in the water and the other team only had 2. I would like to think that boys and girls are equal, but when it comes to physical sports, it just isn't true. Everyone on the team did score a point though, so that was fun. We have two weeks off so it will be good to let everyone heal, since half of our team is injured right now.
I am running a 10K tomorrow. Not sure how thats going to go, I still feel like I am dragging major ass, and my knee keeps popping in and out when I run, but we'll see how that goes. Its still early in the season so I am trying to take it easy. Anyhoo just one more full week of work and then my dad is here the week after. Then its only 3 weeks of work then I get to go home!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


This week was pretty uneventful. The weather was warm again so we had a few later day beach trips. We witnessed the navy seals practicing the other night. It was pretty remarkable, they kept dropping some guys into the ocean from helicopters, leaving them there and then pulling them back up into the copters. Pretty hard core. Anyways I am back into marathon training. Well half marathon for now. I have to see how my legs/back/arms/entire body hold up before commiting to a full marathon. I am very much missing the team in training though, especially this time of year, but hopefully after this event I can sign up for the San Diego marathon.

We were victorious in our water polo game this week. I cancelled my MRI this week cause my wrist is finally better. In fact I didn't wear my brace on Friday because I had actually strained my right wrist at the game.

Anyhoo we had a fun game night at a friends house Friday night and I turned in early for my morning run. I already have a knee injury ( I tried to jump over a guardrail last week and missed) so I am kind of taking it very slow on the runs, but getting my mileage in anyways. I finally got an IPOD courtesy of Bri. I have no idea how to use it, and the plugs don't fit in one of my ears, but I love it and it makes the runs go by alot quicker.

We went out to celebrate a friends birthday that we met at the dog park. We went bowling downtown. We had some rather rambunctous and funny peeps next to us, who spent their night razzing Bri for wearing an argyle sweater. They were dressed up in crazy gear so they really made us normal folks look like freaks. Anyways it was a fun night. It got freakishly windy here last night, and I thought we had animals in the house in my haze, but it turned out to be the windows slamming open and shut all night. Good times!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall back

A semi eventful weekend here in sunny California. The weather has been from what i'm told, unseasonably warm, which is just fine with me. Halloween night we ended up staying in and giving out candy,which was probably a good call because I had to be at my group run by 7:30am. I had an okay first run, just 4 miles so we will start building up slowly for the Carlsbad Half Marathon in January. At that point I will figure out if the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon is something i'm willing to do. I am also going to do it with the Leukemia Society. Its just not the same running with a different group that you can't cry with every weekend. I just figure I may want to begin marathon training in running shape...what a novel idea!
We bombed the house for hopefully the last time. We are now flea free, and i'm pretty sure I will end up on an episode of House with all the pesticides that I have been inhaling for two weeks now.
I wanted to wear my fancy new shoes that I bought so Bri and I went out for dinner downtown to our favorite restaurant Croce's. We sat outside and quickly realized we were sitting next to Jim Croce's wife who owns and runs the restaurant. They were sampling the new menu. So of course I had to pipe in over and over with my iron chef like comments. She was so nice as well as her husband and they let us sample some of the new items on the menu as well. Dinner was fantastic and we hot footed it to a bar up on top of a hotel to meet some friends. It was a very cool place with a great view of the city and Petco park. However at some point I stepped into a big wad of gum. Pissah.
Anyway we are just hanging out today, taking the dog to the beach and getting ready to smoke a pizza for the game tonight!!
Oh and the best news EVER!!!! My dad is going to come for Thanksgiving!!!! I am very excited, especially because my homesickness was at an all time high for me here this week. I so badly wanted to come home next weekend for a suprise visit but I have some meetings at work that I really can't miss. So this is going to be very nice.
Also want to send out good fundraising and running thoughts to the Barnes family who is holding a 5K in memory of Jason who passed away a year ago. There is no better way to honor someone than to get a whole bunch of people together for the same cause.