Friday, November 14, 2008

blah blah blah

There some pics from our hike in torrey pines on veteran's day and a pic of the flowers big al sent me!
A quiet week here, our water polo game was average this week, although we had 4 girls in the water and the other team only had 2. I would like to think that boys and girls are equal, but when it comes to physical sports, it just isn't true. Everyone on the team did score a point though, so that was fun. We have two weeks off so it will be good to let everyone heal, since half of our team is injured right now.
I am running a 10K tomorrow. Not sure how thats going to go, I still feel like I am dragging major ass, and my knee keeps popping in and out when I run, but we'll see how that goes. Its still early in the season so I am trying to take it easy. Anyhoo just one more full week of work and then my dad is here the week after. Then its only 3 weeks of work then I get to go home!!!!

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