Sunday, June 29, 2008

The A_ero is dunzo

Well after seven blissful years with my Oldsmobile Alero (I can still hear the song "it is a special feel, in your oldsmobile") I decided that I should try to sell it instead of shipping it and wasting money only to buy a convertible out in Cali. So I put the car on craigslist and accidentally underpriced it BIG TIME. After talking to my brother and coming to my senses I raised the price a bit and the first person that came over bought it. So there I was, on my driveway just going through the many things in my trunk (typical jumpers, tire, motorcycle helmet, motorcycle gloves, shin pads, rollerblades, snowshoes, books, barbie dolls??, my grandfathers baseball glove) I had to bid farewell to the Aero. I had the people who bought it take a picture of me hugging the car, and off they went. Its just too bad that I accidentally gave them the keys to our new car, but whatever! It was a little confusing when I realized that I now have no car, and still have two weeks until we leave. Brian is trying to convince me that even though I drive by the commuter rail, that it is way too out of his way, so it looks like I might be riding my bike to work for a few weeks. So the hunt for a new car will be on when I get to San Diego. Will I go for a tree hugging hybrid since the cost of gas is close to $5 in cali? Doubtful, but you never know!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Taco Heaven

Brian and I flew to San Diego last weekend and took to the streets to find some new digs. After seeing about 20 or more properties, and driving around for 3 straight days, we finally found a place to call our own. We will be living in North Park, which is right above Balboa park. It is a very cute (read small) craftsman style bungalow, that is right across from the dog park, swimming pools, running trails and a whole bunch of other things that will keep me in shape. Belle is going to be all set, because we now have a fenced in yard with a great patio and green grass, and even a doggy door. We'll see how that one goes! We found out pretty quickly that houses are much smaller out there, so we have to sell our new furniture that we just bought. In order to fully embrace my life in San Diego, I have put my A-ero aka the Alero on craigslist and have started looking for convertibles. I just looked at the VW EOS and it is like a gd transformer. Very cool whip. Things with our house are finalized and we pass papers July 11th. We are leaving right from there for our road trip. Lord help us all! We are going to make a stop in DC, then Charleston to see Brian's sister Melissa. That is part 1 of the trip. Then we are going to head west through Alabama and other places that I will most likely forget. We are planning on stopping somewhere in Texas and then New Mexico, which I am really looking forward to. And by then I should be unable to move and in full traction. I think I may just find a chiropractor in each of those cities so that I can get through it. And all so that I don't have to traumatize the dog. We are hoping that people can come by our going away party at Shoppers Cafe in Waltham, next Sunday, July 6th. With under two weeks left here we are sure we are not going to get to see all of our dearest loved ones, but hopefully you can make it by, or visit this site. I will be sure to update with all the latest and greatest. I will be sure to take some pics of the inner tube water polo team that I am joining with one of my friends from grad school. Should be interesting.
A few things I noticed in San Diego:
- LOTS of boob jobs
- nobody honks their horns (I will be sure that my "masshole" plates are off so that I can get away with a honk here and there)
- need to get a beach cruiser bike
- need to learn that I do not have to fake hussle across a street because everyone leisurely walks

It is going to be the reinvention of Bri and Jods. Oh boy.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why Not?

So I guess alot can happen in a year. Bri and I bought a condo, got engaged, got married, and figured why not move across the country! So we have almost sold the condo and heading to sunny San Diego in July. We are very excited to make the move, but are certainly going to need to keep in touch with our family and friends back east! We plan on making the most out of our time there and hope to share some pictures and stories about our endeavors out west. We are going out in a few weeks to find a place to live and I can check out the new school that I will be working at. Then we'll come back, pack up the suv, and the puppy and drive drive drive.