Saturday, October 30, 2010

do it

Check out the blog for my pilates studio! Pass it around, like it, friend it, whatever the kids are calling it these days!

Monday, October 25, 2010

the potty train

I had to run out for a bit today to pick up some stuff at a Staples. I remained calm in line despite the fact that i was in line over 15 minutes with only one older woman in front of me that needed a price check on all items she bought. As I was waiting there was an older woman yelling at her grandson "go to the bathroom!" It was loud and obnoxious and I can imagine embarassing for this kid who was clearly just trying not to piss himself.

I finally get out to my car and hear her again "go dammit go just go!" She had him taking a leak ON MY CAR!!! He was mortified especially when he realized it was my car. Grandma could car less she continued to yell and draw further attention to him "just relax and go hurry up! She don't care she's not looking at your little thing!" yup it was awful. To top it off there were no other cars around me! I mean come on lady have him pee on your own car!

Frigin massholes

Saturday, October 23, 2010

that hurt

I felt like pounding pavement the other day so that is what I did. I took the dog with me despite the fact that since we moved back east she has had the constant runs. And everytime i take her on a run I have to stop about 10 times and uses all the poop bags and then i have to run back out to the other spots that she leaked on to pick it up. Anyways the run was going well. its kind of good having the dog with me all pissed off cause she holds me back and makes me run slower than my already excruciatingly slow pace, but then picks it up the second half of the way after she realizes that she is on my time.

Now I try to be friendly, and I like to say hi to people. Sometimes I make extra eye contact especially if its a sketchy guy. I give him a "yeah I could draw a picture of you from this mental picture i just created in the event that you try anything on me" kind of look. But mostly I just want to not be a douche and actually look at people. I guess my fellow bostonians are not on the same page. On the way back I decided to pick up the pace and forget about my heart rate monitor for a while and had a good pace going. A woman was running towards me but seemed to be refusing to make eye contact with me. Of course I tried staring her down all the while with a big smile on my face. Well she never looked. As I am looking behind me at this point I failed to notice the low hanging branch and clotheslined myself. Stupid bitch, she never even stopped despite me yelling a quick obscenity and moaning a little bit.

I will not give up on my fellow americans and i will continue to say hello even if you blatantly try to ignore me.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

H 2 Oh shit

We all know how I have been dragging my feet when it comes to choosing the color scheme for the pilates studio. I have been agonizing over this decision more than the original decision to actually change my life and do this. I have finally narrowed it down to my colors, now I just have to pick where to put them. Sooooooo yesterday after doing some interviews I called the owner of the building so I could check in and just figure out what I needed to do. Well we got in and in front of me was our first major snaffu.

Its been raining pretty hard here and there was water that leaked into the space. I actually kept my cool, I mean we haven't done any real work there yet (and by we I mean the contractor) AND this probably buys me a few more days to figure out the paint situation. The owner is obviously taking care of the problem and at least it happened now and not when I am trying to run a business and cannot afford to have someone come in and take down the wall.

Things like this are bound to happen so I move on. Monday I am meeting with the contractor and am going to put up some paint so I can make my final decision.

On the workout front I reconnected with my kettlebell. I figure until my machines get here I need to do whatever I can so that I do not die during training. It actually went pretty well.

Now we are off to check out some fall foliage! My how I missed the colors of fall.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

nothing special

The weeks seem to be flying by. Hard to believe we have been home for over a month. There is something about home that gives my dog the runs though. It has been rough on her intestinal tract. She literally had no issues at all in San Diego but something about being back here makes her a little leaky. It has made for some long nights as well as long runs when I decide to take her. Poor thing.

I have been trying to get some workouts in and they have been bike trainer sessions, lots of runs with the pup and some good ole walks too. I have been continuing to interview people so I have been taking some of their classes as well. I spend so much of the day on the coach cranking out paperwork and cranking out numbers for the business so I need a good amount of exercise each day so that I don't wither up here. I just filed an application for the Boston Triathlon Team. Hopefully that works out because I really do not know many people out here in the tri world (move home LG) and its not easy finding fellow slow pokes to talk about peeing and pooping with.

I was super psyched to watch this years world championship ironman in hawaii via the live stream on the computer. I pretty much spent about 13 hours in front of the computer watching. The same fella that we got super drunk with while we raced in Hawaii actually pulled out a win at the big dance. It was amazing to watch others that I have trained with through the years in San Diego compete in that race. Made me start to search for another half iron. I did come across an inaugural race that is in Italy in June, but with the business opening this year I am just not sure if it is feasible. I will have to do a local race towards the end of the summer.

I think I have finally chosen some colors for the studio but still have to fiddle with them a little bit. I kind of just wish we could fast forward to December's opening. Enough talking about it lets just do this already! Until then all the pieces of the puzzle will continue to come together.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

color me....

This is what my living room looks like right now. Lots of swatches, so many choices. I have to choose a color for the floor, for the walls AND for the ceiling. I have to live with it everyday so its not a decision I am making lightly. The color has to SPEAK to me for the studio. It has to say "yeah I like this place, I would love to spend lots of money working out here."

I think I need a life coach, I am kinda okay with people making decisions for me. OOOOHHHH maybe its time to call the psychic!