Thursday, January 28, 2010

run til you puke

Tuesday was our 2 mile time trial. We did a 1 mine time trial at the beginning of the season and I ran just under a 9 minute mile. Pedestrian for most but pretty fast for this lanky broad. I made sure to only eat a little bit knowing it would be rough so I just had a banana with a ton of almond butter. It was pouring rain when I got there but luckily it stopped as we set up the lights (yes we have to run on a pitch black track so we bring a few lights). I peed twice in the bushes before we even started. I was fired up. We warmed up and did a bunch of "strides" whatever the hell that means. Off we went. I did not look at my garmin at all, didn't want to waste any energy. The idea was to run til I puked. Save nothing. Leave it all out there. I had some "stinky thinky" as my coach would put it about the second loop around the track. I thought "this sucks, i feel like shit, i just burped up my banana" and alot of swears. I had that "stinky thinky" for a few more laps and after mile one decided I couldn't crap out, I just had to power through. And power through I did. I was breathing heavier than ever, I can only imagine what my heart rate was. Sort of pathetic that my all out run is way slower than most peoples marathon pace but whatever. I typically run a 11-12 minute mile pace when I just go out and run. At the track workouts I do about a 9-10 minute pace. It is nice to break out of the norm and feel like I could move past the 90 year old geezer in front of me if I wanted. (happens every race, I get passed by a 80+year old, someone with no legs, and a blind person.) I ended up doing both of the miles under 9 minutes, I think it was like 8:30 and 8:40. I was supposed to shoot for descending splits but that shit wasnt going to happen. I felt gross, I puked in my mouth a few times. I should have booted on coaches shoes. He would have liked that...sick bastard!
Wednesday I decided to make sure my vagina was in the sorest of conditions and go spinning with the team without tri shorts on. We met up at the pool we swim at and it was fun, Lots of inappropriate talking which I truly appreciate in life. Then I threw the bike back on the car and threw on the googles and swimcap. Bri and I had our own lane to ourselves which was nice. We had a pretty great swim workout. At one point we did "lung busters" breathe every 3 strokes, 5, 7, 9 then 11. HOLY CRAP. Each time I increased I thought "there is no way I can do the next one." Then it would get easier, but by the time I made it to 11 I was about to black out, I spazzed and hit the lane divider so hard with my hand, in particular my pinky finger I was sure I broke it. Still hurts to touch but I think its just bruised. What a tool.

Okay so on the homefront we have been on calls with detectives this week and watching dogs sniff the yards looking for the person who murdered our neighbor. I have hardly slept all week. Totally has freaked me out thinking that just maybe I could have heard something to stop it. Or what if, what if we did see something, what if they hit our house in stead....

Can't live life doing that, thats for sure. Turns out it was her son who committed the murder. I obviously cannot understand that and it is such shame. At least it is not some crazy person wanting to kill all the poeple in my neighborhood. It has certainly changed how we do things here. I just watched Bri answer the door withour gigantic/heavy flashlight in his hand. It was the fedex guy, they can be real scary ya know.

Last night was another sleepless night and not because I was freaked about the murder but because it sounded explosions about every 15 seconds, THE WHOLE NIGHT LONG. At first we thought it might be the ocean waves, but that has never happened before. Thehouse was literally rattling and vibrating every 10 seconds. IT sounded like people were banging on our roof. Then I thought it might be little earthquakes. Then I just didn't care and wanted to SLEEP!! Turns out it is Camp Pendleton having explosive training. So basically they are bombing the shit out of the valleys about 15 miles away. Sounds like frigin Baghdad. For christ sake people this broad needs some rest! I am going absolutely crazy, and when I get crazy I get CRAZEEEEEE!!! Just today at Valvoline I got batty, and way tired and super cranky. The bastards told me 5 minutes to do some job that I know for a fact i didn't need but they bullied me into it. The 5 minute job took well over an hour. I lied and made up a story about how "my kids are waiting for me ALONE at school." hahaha whatever they don't have to know. I just said "next time I appreciate your honesty, please don't lie to me." Then I huffed and puffed alot. Then I felt bad about it. Oh I am so tired. Night

Monday, January 25, 2010


Not sure if I mentioned that the cops showed up at our house last week. They were banging on the door while Brian was working and were looking for a woman who used to live here. Apparently she was a really good time cause she had a few DUI's and did not show up to court so she had a warrant out for her arrest.

Cut to today.

I decided to cook a soup and was shopping for the ingredients at the store when I get a text from Bri "call me its URGENT". However when I called he was yet again speaking to the police. This time it was a murder. Apparently a woman was killed across the street from us. They were focusing in on Saturday night which was the random black out that we had in the neighborhood. When the lights went out we decided to walk the dog cause there was nothing else to do. I had the flashlight and put it on much to Bri's chagrin because I was spooked. I did not want to suprise anyone in the dark so I lit it up. We told the police that we were walking by at the time they may be thinking. Once I saw the house on the news I was sure that it was one that we walked by that had the garage door open. I thought it was weird since the electricity was out. This was also the first time that we ever walked up on this street cause its across from us but to get to it we have to go up a little hill. So this womans back yard faces us. I am spooked and feel so terrible for her family and friends. I am hoping I can walk down the street tomorrow to jog my memory a little bit. I am wondering how they are determining Saturday, and thinking about the other day that I was out for a run I saw a strange man going up that street. He had no shoes on his feet which was odd because it was pouring. He kept looking around like someone was chasing him. I kept my eye on him to make sure he was not following me he was that creepy. Not to mention we live in a million dollar neighborhood where it is mostly families and older people and he did not fit the norm around here. I have already left one message for the detective maybe I will tell them that too.

Anyways we will be locking up these doors nice and tight tonight!

Yesterdays workout was great. I was all screwed up because we had our team workout on Sunday AND it was at 1:30! I don't think my body has ever worked out at that time for a long period of time. It was like sitting around watching paint dry to just get going. We did a 4 mile bike ride which was mostly uphill so that was good. Then we did a 1.2 mile run nice and flat. We did 4 repeats and I was pretty beat. We were supposed to push it on the hill that we ended on then push it running to the turn around point. I did not have my garmin yesterday (SOMEONE unplugged it to plug in their electric razor to shave their beard.......hmmmn WHOM COULD I BE TALKING ABOUT) so I am not sure how fast I went but I felt like I was running under a ten minute mile which is rather good for me.

We finished up and did what every triathlete does...went to In-N-Out for a burger, fries and a milkshake. I was SHOCKED at how many people turned us down at the idea, even looking at us like we were crazy. I mean I thought about a double double animal style after loop 2 for christ sake!!

Needless to say we got home and I felt ILL!! I was in the shower thinking "geesh I really could use a massage" I was achy and sore. When I got out to my suprise Roz the amazing masseus was at the house! Apparently I forgot that I scheduled a massage for us! YIPPEEEEE!!!!

It was marvelous, but made me really doubt my mental status. I have been sooooo forgetful lately! The other day shopping I swiped the same debit card I have had since the beginning of time with the same password and I kept getting denied and they would tell me "sorry wrong password" I basically told all 3 cashiers that they were in fact the crazy ones. I even called the bank and went to a local one but they were closed. After many hours I remembered that they had changed my number like 6 MONTHS AGO!!! I remembered the number but could not for the life of me recall why they changed it. Lord help me!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

mr sun sun mr golden sun

Sunny San Diego has not been so sunny this week. It has stormed for about 5 straight days with crazy winds, hail, thunder, lightning, and some crazy surf. We lost electricity a few times and I have to say, it wasn't fun ESPECIALLY when it happened on my favorite night of TV!! Anyways because it sucked so badly weather wise it meant rediscovering my inside activities. I reupped at the pilates studio and got a good workout there tuesday morning before work and managed to to a tempo run around the neighborhood between storms. Wednesday was the night that we lost power and had some pretty horriffic storms so I did not make it to the pool.

I did however have an awesome phone call on Wednesday with a intuitivist. Its like a psychic but they don't really call themselves that anymore. She was incredible and please spare me how you feel on the topic because I don't really give a shit. People are allowed to believe what they believe and I find it incredibly rude when people slight things that I know and feel because they are not comfortable with it. Don't quite know why people feel the need to do that but to each his own I guess. Anyways she was incredible, we did it over the phone and she was actually able to pinpoint all the weird health issues I have been having, and also gave some pointers to help with the head/stomach and vertigo stuff. That was basically worth its weight in gold. She also does medium readings and after the first reading I had with her I think it will be an amazing one. I have another call with her in a few weeks where we will be chatting with my mom and hopefully some others! Again people spare me your feelings on this. I have had some experiences with people who have crossed over, and it started when my mom was sick. These experiences helped me to cope with her passing, and have helped me to hone in on that kind of energy so that I can try to open that bridge for other people. Until you have lost someone so close and dear to you I don't think you can understand how important it is to keep that connection with them. And there are certainly ways of doing that.

Okay minor rant there! Our workouts got all screwed up this weekend due to weather. We will not be able to swim in the ocean this weekend. Apparently after storms like this it takes about 3 days for the levels to be safe to swim in the water without getting some sort of disease. So we are doing our brick workout on Sunday and I am heading to the pool now! I think I see the sun!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

fear not

We survived our first ocean swim! While I despised these swims last year, I decided to totally change my attitude and embrace and learn to love the open water ocean swims. It is not the open water thing, because I love getting into a lake or other body of water without the threat of death by large animals. I used to love ocean swimming and would get in all the time and swim. Then I got old. Not sure what it is about getting old that brings on strange anxieties. I struggle with heights, and claustrophobia big time. I try to face those fears often and the heights thing is getting better. The claustrophobia thing...not so much. I take stairs whenever I can. My Dr thought I was nuts when I went to see him for severe chest cough/asthma and even though they were on the top floor I still took the stairs. The only time I have needed medication was when I went in for an MRI and I stand by that decision, but think that meditation and deep breathing can pretty much get me through the rest. Although the meds made it really fun, I mean what isn't fun about falling asleep in your plate of a restaurant...
Anyways I have digressed. Back to my fear of ocean swimming. Yes I used to pick triathlons that I knew were not in the ocean and that is pretty limiting, especially out here in California. I decided that mentoring this year would be the perfect thing so change my frame of mind. Now I am the one others are looking to when they are panicing. I have to lead by example. I can honestly say today was the most fun I have had in the open water in a very long time. I have not been on a tri team that is so supportive. I had to give one of my fellow mentors a heads up that I might need him while we were showing the example of how to break through the surf and then come back in riding the waves. I hadn't been in the water and it was cold. While it was still warmer than the water at my first tri, it was still 58 degrees. So apparently with this asthma thing I got going on it gets way worse in cold water. I felt that right away but remained calm and by the time I went in for the second time I was feeling more comfortable.

We practices about 3-4 times jumping dolphin style out to the waves and then diving under the waves and then out about a hundred yards. One of our coaches was on a kayak so we swam around him and then back. I just hung with my swim buddies and we made it back into shore. We then practices riding waves and I was a pro. I felt like I was a kid was awesome. Another awesome thing was doing this with Bri. He did so well, its not easy doing this. He has a very large fear of open water but you never would have noticed this today. He had his first experience doing this in a wetsuit which is challenging at first because it is so constricting so it makes you feel like you can't breathe, plus the cold water equals a major panic attack. But he got through it and swam right past me! Even after we were done he wanted to go back out for more. Such a Stanimal! At one point he looked at me and said "you would be so proud of me" and right then I knew what he meant. He had his first pee in his wetsuit! Popped that cherry! AHHHH it feels so good!!!

We got out of the water and poured some hot water on us and it felt sooooooo good. Amazingly enough my hair was still dry. I wore two swim caps to keep my head warm and even though I felt like I was losing blood to my brain cause it was so tight, it was definately nice not having a wet head when we were done!!

Very happy to know that the water in Hawaii will be at least 20 degrees warmer than today. I can hardly wait!!!

In other race news I signed up for the San Diego rock n roll half. Its the first year they are doing a half. I also signed up for the San Diego International Triathlon. Both are in June which are the only two weekends that I am not travelling for weddings.

Somebody has to fall

My wonderful husband woke up yesterday to join me at our brick workout, despite the fact that he had gotten about 3 hours of sleep the previous night and then flew back from boston. We met down the street and listened to a truly inspirational mission moment from one of our teammates. Makes us realize how lucky we both are that despite losing our moms we have our family to support us. We dried our tears and left for our ride with my teammates mom's name written on our hands. I was the "sweeper" for the team which means that I stay with our slowest rider and cheer them on. I have to say, it is not easy. Biking is a weird sport. It is not easy to keep up with others whether they are faster or slower. I will consider it a good base building ride because my heart rate was at a resting pace most of the ride despite there being some climbs. We rode the Del Dios highway which heads east through some beautiful rolling hills then opens up to the below picture.

I love this ride. There are some nice climbs and tons of bicyclists to watch. At one point there was a group of guys going down as we were going up and one dude actually was off his seat crouched down on his tube going about 40 mph. It was insane to watch and I can only imagine the kind of damage he would do if he hit a bump. I guess some people take the whole aerodynamic thing to the extremes.

Anyways we made it to our destination after a few hours. When I pulled up everyone was showing me Brian's bike because all his spokes inhis rear wheel came loose. He realized this when he was going downhill and luckily stopped when this happened. THe coach tried to repair it as he was off for his 5 mile run. The wheel that he put on was not a good match but Brian did not realize this until he was trying to grind up a 14% incline hill. This is the site of where Bri fell off the bike. He is okay, just a little road rash on his shoulder and ass. I got to see him right after and he along with me was wishing I was there to see it. It would have been a real good laugh! I am such a good wife.

We walked at the lake for our transition and then I headed back west with my teammate. THe ride back was a little more brutal than the ride there because she was tiring, but powered up the hills little by little. By the time we got back I was frigin starved! I was not expecting a 5 hour day so I did not eat enough or bring enough with me. Bri had to get a ride back to our car so I just hit up the local pizza/brewery and waited for him to get me.

Good times! Today is our first open water swim! The water is about 55 degrees! BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

is it ow or ough?

I went back to Rehab United, the same place I went last season every Tuesday for a spinning/lifting beatdown by my favorite Scottie. This year is a little different, its two days a week and its mostly strength training. It was embarassing. Most people are on their 12th week or so. Me, not so much. We did a circuit of about 8 different moves which targeted every area of your body. At one point we used a hell contraption on wheels, the godforsaken abs torture device. You put your feet on it and it slipped in every direction possible and we were supposed to drag our legs in the plank position across the room. It was like doing the whellbarrow on crack. The frigin thing was going every which way, I couldn't balance nor keep myself going and tore up my knees falling off the damn thing over and over again. I swore. I swore alot. Scottie tried to root me on, I just swore some more. I finally pleaded when it came to the 3rd time around "there has to be an easier way" sure enough most women were doing it on their knees. It was much better for my poor core and back. An absolute pitiful debut at RU. After we did the circuit 3 times I thought we were done and was feeling like I was going to pass out and had a charlie horse in my quad. Nope we weren't done, we went on and did abs and THEN we were done. Oye. I thought I was all good today but as the day wore on it is getting harder and harder to move, to sit, to cough. Must mean I did something right! No shocker I ended up taking today as my off day so I can heal up a bit and will do a spin/swim tomorrow and hopefully loosen up these tight muscles. I am going to attempt to do this twice a week. I know how much stronger this class made me last season and I could use all the help I can get. We are halfway through our training and I just don't feel very strong yet swimming, biking or running. Hoping it all comes together. Until then I will continue to moan with every move! The flights are booked and we will be hitting up the Big Island AND Maui!!! I can't wait. Belle is excited too cause her papa is coming to doggysit...not sure if my dad realizes that she is not a real grandchild???? who cares she loves him!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

suck it brick

Yes we realize how cool we are, especially me and my double jointed thumb. It is the only flexible thing on my whole body. I honestly cannot figure out who looks like a bigger tool in this...
Today was our first "brick" workout. I always thought it was called a brick workout because your legs felt like bricks when you go from bike to run..etc. Apparently that is not the case and it is because you are building foundation like bricks. I don't really see the correlation, really your legs feel like bricks, and often times there also feels like there is a brick in your stomach, or that you are going to actually shit out a brick. (Driving home from our first brick, he should really drive with his eyes closed more often)

Anyways we met up in Carlsbad along a beautiful beach where the swells were high which meant tons of surfers. We set up a transition area there and started off our workout. Bike along the coast for 6 miles then run 1.5 the sand. Yeah good stuff. Oh and we repeated that 4 times.

It was fun and I felt pretty strong, I only stopped because I was getting super hungry. I worked up quite an appetite with all of my performing. My buddy Mark on the team and I have started a new craze, dueling bicyclists. You know like a dueling piano bar, except its the two of us on the road seranading anyone and everyone that we happen to pass. So far we have been hitting up most of the hot 80s and 90s songs and even did some name that tune of childhood shows. At one point I requested I touch myself and dedicated it of course to the two senior citizens walking by. I think the surfers especially liked that one. Anyways it was a busy day so I think that the loud obnoxious singing was safer than wearing a helmet, because EVERYONE knew we were coming. I think that we should probably be on the Ellen show any day now. This should spread like wildfires.

Props to Bri for surviving his first brick workout. I am waking up early to meet my team for a run around Lake Hodges which will be the site of next weekends brick. Then its time for the Pats game and then...wait for it... ROZ IS BACK!!! Roz is my masseus/rolfer and I have to say it will be wonderful to have her back in my life to give a nice painful sports massage as opposed to an excruciating rolfing session! AND now in our new house we have a massage room! (well its just an extra bedroom that we really didn't realize we had and all that is in there are my weights, a foam roller and a wetsuit...pretty pitiful)

Friday, January 8, 2010

climb this ladder

Swim workout Wednesday went by pretty quickly. We did a bunch of stuff and did a ladder: start building up in laps and hit the top and then go back down. Makes a long workout go by pretty quickly. Big fan. The worst part of the swims are getting out of the pool and the long walk to the bathrooms while freezing cold. In the car I decided I would tell Bri that I peed in the pool since we share a lane and all. To be honest, I can't think of a time that I hit water and didn't pee. I can just have peed (in a toilet) and the moment I hit water, especially cold water a little seeps out. I just can't help it and to be honest I really could care less. I could care less thinking that everyone else also pees in the pool. I just assume everyone does! Apparently they don't because Brian was repulsed beyond belief.

I told my friend at work and she went to "pool school" and said that she learned that pee gets taken care of within 3 seconds in the water. So pee away people! Cause if it doesn't come out in the pool it will just come out while I am running to the bathroom after getting out. Maybe I should just borrow the plastic diapers from school.

Speaking of diapers another friend of mine had a baby! Still amazes me that my friends, people my age, have kids....scary cause I still think i'm 16!

Big weekend of working out! We have a brick workout Saturday and starting next Sunday we will have bricks both days. Saturdays will be bike run and Sundays will be run swim. FUN FUN FUN!!

Going to be booking our Hawaii trip this weekend! WHOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't do math

After a long weekend of riding (aka feeling like my girlie parts were either on fire or about to fall off) I decided to make Monday my "rest day." Probably a good idea being that it was the first day back to work after two weeks off. Tuesday was our track workout where we were focusing on "perceived effort". The workout was a warm up, abs and stretch and then 800 at pace which is a 10:16 (what I am supposed to run my tri 10K at), then 400 at 60%, 400 at 70%, 400 at 80%, 400 at 90%, 400 at 100% then a 800 60%, 800 pace. We were to tune into our body and see if we could feel the difference in these paces.

Okay so I cheated because I have a heart rate monitor and garmin so I pretty much know what my effort is by looking at my wrist. Coach kept stopping us after each lap and asking people what their time was yada yada yada. I was really not paying much attention cause I was watching my watch and running according to that. I did tune into how it felt. It felt easy at first and like I was about to die of an asthma attack by the end.....he didn't like that. But he was saying stuff like take that number and decrease it by 10 % and I just can't think about math when I am running. That is why I spent a paycheck and bought the garmin. HOWEVER just like the day of my HIM (thats half ironman for all you non triathletes) I basically raced against my garmin's 8 hour battery life not knowing what I would do if it ran out. I used to turn back if my radio or ipod went dead when running. Now I am getting that way with my garmin, and I hate that. I guess you never know what can happen with technology so you should know how to read your body. I am pretty sure I know what it all feels like now but basically I am releived to do a shorter race so that I can feel like I can push myself and run (as opposed to walking slowly during the HIM convinced I was going to die of heatstroke).

Had jury duty today and like travelling all last week wasn't bad enough I had to sit there pretending to not notice anyone around me (why do people do that its so weird, just look at me and smile maybe... wouldn't kill ya!) so that I would fit in. I got bored and went over to the library seciton and some tool actually came up and yelled "DUDE NO SCI/FI BOOKS?!"
That was pretty much the highlight of the day. THey did let us out early so that was good because I got to come home and get all the laundry and household chores that I didn't get around to this weekend done. Stupid work gets in the way of fun things like vacuuming, laundry and dusting.....Oh to be young again!

Off to our swim tonight!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

all time new low

Had another bike ride this morning in Coronado on the Silver Strand bike path. It is "lavaman specific" in that it is on the coast, flat and has a tail and then headwind. I thought it was a little peculiar when I was going about 20mph on the way out. I should have known....
THe turn around brought on some nice head winds which is what we will be dealing with in Hawaii as well so its good training. I have to say it was nice to be on a path where you don't have to keep stopping for red lights and such so it feels like a real race day kind of day. I passed some people, who cares that they were on bike cruisers and were like 80! I don't! Perhaps the most hilarious part of this ride was when I was on the way back and killing myself to go about 13 mph and I see a little boy (like seriously little, maybe 6?) and he is riding behind a large guy. As soon as I said "on your left" he looks back at me (mind you he was in bike shorts, shirt, and oakley sunglasses and a MOUNTAIN BIKE) gives me a sinister look, gets to the left of the guy he was riding behind and starts hammering it out. Of course I start taunting the kid saying things like "well look at you little Lance" so he kept it up. I have to say I had to work pretty damn hard to pass the little bastard, and went up about 3 gears and had to go about 16 mph to pass him. I was impressed. I can only imagine if the kid were on a road bike. I tried to take a picture but realized I would just embarass myself if I did that cause I probably would not have been able to overtake the 6 YEAR OLD!!!
Oh to be young again!
Well I have to rest my nether regions. Two days in a row on the bike have left me in a bit of pain. I also feel like I should note that I already have a tri tan. Its only January. I am going to have to do some serious beach time to get rid of these tan lines for all the weddings this spring!

75 and sunny again in paradise! Suck it snow!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It seems as though Bri and I have a new tradition! The Rose Bowl! Last year we went to support penn state and this year our friends (our old neighbors from Medford) flew in for the big game. Gotta say its much more fun when the team you are rooting for wins!! Go Bucks! I totally fit in with my OH-IO t shirt that Christina loaned me and I LOVED the dances...I mean cheers for the Buckeyes. It was like the ymca but only better because EVERYONE was doing it! We left ass early to get there in time to walk over to the parade and made it to Pasadena in record time. The parade was fun and I think next time I might want to overnight it the night before and get a good spot for the parade. It is quite beautiful and I like to pretend I am black with the bands that go by. Sorry all you white folk but the all black bands KICK YOUR ASS!! Oh and the Mexican ones kick your ass too! We hot footed it back to our spot on the golf course to tailgate. While this tailgate was a bit different for me (only had a mimosa cause I felt sick still and wanted to be bright eyes and bushy tailed for my Saturday am ride) being sober but it was still oh so fun. What is better than enjoying sun and friends, silly game and all the cheese a girl could possibly eat?! My only gripe about the day was that we spent alot of money for the tickets and I almost felt like asking the couple next to us for half of the money we spent because we were practically sitting on one anothers laps. Now I am not bashing large people, but it was really unfortunate for all of us, especially Brian who was next to them. Oh well! We made it out of the lot without running over any drunk asses and had a few more laughs at the expense of others....SUCK IT LEXUS!! sometimes its fun to yell stuff at people even if they may or may not hear you!

Bri and I begrudgingly woke up today for training. I can barely swallow because now my throat has dots all over it (at least I can sort of breathe now thanks to my new inhaler). I sooooooo wanted to stay in bed but have missed too many trainings due to travelling and sickness. As our coach said "THE PARTY IS OVER!" and I am ready to get my ass in gear. I knew today would be tough but I rode with a great group and felt okay enough to sing some Debbie Gibson with my soul mate/teammate who loves Deborah as much as me! We rode down the coast and then hooked east for some fun hills. Stupid chain fell off 3 times but I really shouldn't be going into my granny gear (but hey I'M SICK!!) so I wont complain. The ride back along the coast was absolutely magical. I don't know if it is because we were recently back east, or just the pure beauty but it was truly something else today. I swear we live in paradise or heaven, one or the other. The sky could not have been bluer, the ocean prettier and then random waves that would crash close enough to us to spray us with mist while riding by. Ah yes San Diego I love you more and more with each passing day. It is so beautiful that our friends that were visiting are hoping to come back out here to live! wouldn't that be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes it would!
Also we would like to thank all of you who donated to THe Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so far! I am always amazed by the generosity of others and pray that this year will be the year closer to a cure!
I am going to take the dog to the beach now since she has been rather neglected lately!!! I will spare you the photos for those of you from back east who are once again blanketed with snow! Whatever the weather be sure to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, whether with snow shoes or running shoes!
Its a new year so get off your ass and do somethin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you don't please do not sit in our row next year at the rose bowl.....
I kid I kid