Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't do math

After a long weekend of riding (aka feeling like my girlie parts were either on fire or about to fall off) I decided to make Monday my "rest day." Probably a good idea being that it was the first day back to work after two weeks off. Tuesday was our track workout where we were focusing on "perceived effort". The workout was a warm up, abs and stretch and then 800 at pace which is a 10:16 (what I am supposed to run my tri 10K at), then 400 at 60%, 400 at 70%, 400 at 80%, 400 at 90%, 400 at 100% then a 800 60%, 800 pace. We were to tune into our body and see if we could feel the difference in these paces.

Okay so I cheated because I have a heart rate monitor and garmin so I pretty much know what my effort is by looking at my wrist. Coach kept stopping us after each lap and asking people what their time was yada yada yada. I was really not paying much attention cause I was watching my watch and running according to that. I did tune into how it felt. It felt easy at first and like I was about to die of an asthma attack by the end.....he didn't like that. But he was saying stuff like take that number and decrease it by 10 % and I just can't think about math when I am running. That is why I spent a paycheck and bought the garmin. HOWEVER just like the day of my HIM (thats half ironman for all you non triathletes) I basically raced against my garmin's 8 hour battery life not knowing what I would do if it ran out. I used to turn back if my radio or ipod went dead when running. Now I am getting that way with my garmin, and I hate that. I guess you never know what can happen with technology so you should know how to read your body. I am pretty sure I know what it all feels like now but basically I am releived to do a shorter race so that I can feel like I can push myself and run (as opposed to walking slowly during the HIM convinced I was going to die of heatstroke).

Had jury duty today and like travelling all last week wasn't bad enough I had to sit there pretending to not notice anyone around me (why do people do that its so weird, just look at me and smile maybe... wouldn't kill ya!) so that I would fit in. I got bored and went over to the library seciton and some tool actually came up and yelled "DUDE NO SCI/FI BOOKS?!"
That was pretty much the highlight of the day. THey did let us out early so that was good because I got to come home and get all the laundry and household chores that I didn't get around to this weekend done. Stupid work gets in the way of fun things like vacuuming, laundry and dusting.....Oh to be young again!

Off to our swim tonight!


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Formulas and Answers

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whose the funny guy?