Tuesday, January 12, 2010

is it ow or ough?

I went back to Rehab United, the same place I went last season every Tuesday for a spinning/lifting beatdown by my favorite Scottie. This year is a little different, its two days a week and its mostly strength training. It was embarassing. Most people are on their 12th week or so. Me, not so much. We did a circuit of about 8 different moves which targeted every area of your body. At one point we used a hell contraption on wheels, the godforsaken abs torture device. You put your feet on it and it slipped in every direction possible and we were supposed to drag our legs in the plank position across the room. It was like doing the whellbarrow on crack. The frigin thing was going every which way, I couldn't balance nor keep myself going and tore up my knees falling off the damn thing over and over again. I swore. I swore alot. Scottie tried to root me on, I just swore some more. I finally pleaded when it came to the 3rd time around "there has to be an easier way" sure enough most women were doing it on their knees. It was much better for my poor core and back. An absolute pitiful debut at RU. After we did the circuit 3 times I thought we were done and was feeling like I was going to pass out and had a charlie horse in my quad. Nope we weren't done, we went on and did abs and THEN we were done. Oye. I thought I was all good today but as the day wore on it is getting harder and harder to move, to sit, to cough. Must mean I did something right! No shocker I ended up taking today as my off day so I can heal up a bit and will do a spin/swim tomorrow and hopefully loosen up these tight muscles. I am going to attempt to do this twice a week. I know how much stronger this class made me last season and I could use all the help I can get. We are halfway through our training and I just don't feel very strong yet swimming, biking or running. Hoping it all comes together. Until then I will continue to moan with every move! The flights are booked and we will be hitting up the Big Island AND Maui!!! I can't wait. Belle is excited too cause her papa is coming to doggysit...not sure if my dad realizes that she is not a real grandchild???? who cares she loves him!!!!

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LG said...

was jordan there with his 6 pak abs???? that would make it all worth it! as they say at pilates - "Plank is the new Crunch."