Friday, January 8, 2010

climb this ladder

Swim workout Wednesday went by pretty quickly. We did a bunch of stuff and did a ladder: start building up in laps and hit the top and then go back down. Makes a long workout go by pretty quickly. Big fan. The worst part of the swims are getting out of the pool and the long walk to the bathrooms while freezing cold. In the car I decided I would tell Bri that I peed in the pool since we share a lane and all. To be honest, I can't think of a time that I hit water and didn't pee. I can just have peed (in a toilet) and the moment I hit water, especially cold water a little seeps out. I just can't help it and to be honest I really could care less. I could care less thinking that everyone else also pees in the pool. I just assume everyone does! Apparently they don't because Brian was repulsed beyond belief.

I told my friend at work and she went to "pool school" and said that she learned that pee gets taken care of within 3 seconds in the water. So pee away people! Cause if it doesn't come out in the pool it will just come out while I am running to the bathroom after getting out. Maybe I should just borrow the plastic diapers from school.

Speaking of diapers another friend of mine had a baby! Still amazes me that my friends, people my age, have kids....scary cause I still think i'm 16!

Big weekend of working out! We have a brick workout Saturday and starting next Sunday we will have bricks both days. Saturdays will be bike run and Sundays will be run swim. FUN FUN FUN!!

Going to be booking our Hawaii trip this weekend! WHOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


kristen said...

Yeah right, and I don't fart. Don't belive the hype. EVERYONE pees in the pool!!! It's just certian people who admit it.

Brian said...

not everyone pees in the pool. i wish we could have barricades to keep her pee out of my lane.