Saturday, January 2, 2010


It seems as though Bri and I have a new tradition! The Rose Bowl! Last year we went to support penn state and this year our friends (our old neighbors from Medford) flew in for the big game. Gotta say its much more fun when the team you are rooting for wins!! Go Bucks! I totally fit in with my OH-IO t shirt that Christina loaned me and I LOVED the dances...I mean cheers for the Buckeyes. It was like the ymca but only better because EVERYONE was doing it! We left ass early to get there in time to walk over to the parade and made it to Pasadena in record time. The parade was fun and I think next time I might want to overnight it the night before and get a good spot for the parade. It is quite beautiful and I like to pretend I am black with the bands that go by. Sorry all you white folk but the all black bands KICK YOUR ASS!! Oh and the Mexican ones kick your ass too! We hot footed it back to our spot on the golf course to tailgate. While this tailgate was a bit different for me (only had a mimosa cause I felt sick still and wanted to be bright eyes and bushy tailed for my Saturday am ride) being sober but it was still oh so fun. What is better than enjoying sun and friends, silly game and all the cheese a girl could possibly eat?! My only gripe about the day was that we spent alot of money for the tickets and I almost felt like asking the couple next to us for half of the money we spent because we were practically sitting on one anothers laps. Now I am not bashing large people, but it was really unfortunate for all of us, especially Brian who was next to them. Oh well! We made it out of the lot without running over any drunk asses and had a few more laughs at the expense of others....SUCK IT LEXUS!! sometimes its fun to yell stuff at people even if they may or may not hear you!

Bri and I begrudgingly woke up today for training. I can barely swallow because now my throat has dots all over it (at least I can sort of breathe now thanks to my new inhaler). I sooooooo wanted to stay in bed but have missed too many trainings due to travelling and sickness. As our coach said "THE PARTY IS OVER!" and I am ready to get my ass in gear. I knew today would be tough but I rode with a great group and felt okay enough to sing some Debbie Gibson with my soul mate/teammate who loves Deborah as much as me! We rode down the coast and then hooked east for some fun hills. Stupid chain fell off 3 times but I really shouldn't be going into my granny gear (but hey I'M SICK!!) so I wont complain. The ride back along the coast was absolutely magical. I don't know if it is because we were recently back east, or just the pure beauty but it was truly something else today. I swear we live in paradise or heaven, one or the other. The sky could not have been bluer, the ocean prettier and then random waves that would crash close enough to us to spray us with mist while riding by. Ah yes San Diego I love you more and more with each passing day. It is so beautiful that our friends that were visiting are hoping to come back out here to live! wouldn't that be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes it would!
Also we would like to thank all of you who donated to THe Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so far! I am always amazed by the generosity of others and pray that this year will be the year closer to a cure!
I am going to take the dog to the beach now since she has been rather neglected lately!!! I will spare you the photos for those of you from back east who are once again blanketed with snow! Whatever the weather be sure to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, whether with snow shoes or running shoes!
Its a new year so get off your ass and do somethin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you don't please do not sit in our row next year at the rose bowl.....
I kid I kid

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