Thursday, January 28, 2010

run til you puke

Tuesday was our 2 mile time trial. We did a 1 mine time trial at the beginning of the season and I ran just under a 9 minute mile. Pedestrian for most but pretty fast for this lanky broad. I made sure to only eat a little bit knowing it would be rough so I just had a banana with a ton of almond butter. It was pouring rain when I got there but luckily it stopped as we set up the lights (yes we have to run on a pitch black track so we bring a few lights). I peed twice in the bushes before we even started. I was fired up. We warmed up and did a bunch of "strides" whatever the hell that means. Off we went. I did not look at my garmin at all, didn't want to waste any energy. The idea was to run til I puked. Save nothing. Leave it all out there. I had some "stinky thinky" as my coach would put it about the second loop around the track. I thought "this sucks, i feel like shit, i just burped up my banana" and alot of swears. I had that "stinky thinky" for a few more laps and after mile one decided I couldn't crap out, I just had to power through. And power through I did. I was breathing heavier than ever, I can only imagine what my heart rate was. Sort of pathetic that my all out run is way slower than most peoples marathon pace but whatever. I typically run a 11-12 minute mile pace when I just go out and run. At the track workouts I do about a 9-10 minute pace. It is nice to break out of the norm and feel like I could move past the 90 year old geezer in front of me if I wanted. (happens every race, I get passed by a 80+year old, someone with no legs, and a blind person.) I ended up doing both of the miles under 9 minutes, I think it was like 8:30 and 8:40. I was supposed to shoot for descending splits but that shit wasnt going to happen. I felt gross, I puked in my mouth a few times. I should have booted on coaches shoes. He would have liked that...sick bastard!
Wednesday I decided to make sure my vagina was in the sorest of conditions and go spinning with the team without tri shorts on. We met up at the pool we swim at and it was fun, Lots of inappropriate talking which I truly appreciate in life. Then I threw the bike back on the car and threw on the googles and swimcap. Bri and I had our own lane to ourselves which was nice. We had a pretty great swim workout. At one point we did "lung busters" breathe every 3 strokes, 5, 7, 9 then 11. HOLY CRAP. Each time I increased I thought "there is no way I can do the next one." Then it would get easier, but by the time I made it to 11 I was about to black out, I spazzed and hit the lane divider so hard with my hand, in particular my pinky finger I was sure I broke it. Still hurts to touch but I think its just bruised. What a tool.

Okay so on the homefront we have been on calls with detectives this week and watching dogs sniff the yards looking for the person who murdered our neighbor. I have hardly slept all week. Totally has freaked me out thinking that just maybe I could have heard something to stop it. Or what if, what if we did see something, what if they hit our house in stead....

Can't live life doing that, thats for sure. Turns out it was her son who committed the murder. I obviously cannot understand that and it is such shame. At least it is not some crazy person wanting to kill all the poeple in my neighborhood. It has certainly changed how we do things here. I just watched Bri answer the door withour gigantic/heavy flashlight in his hand. It was the fedex guy, they can be real scary ya know.

Last night was another sleepless night and not because I was freaked about the murder but because it sounded explosions about every 15 seconds, THE WHOLE NIGHT LONG. At first we thought it might be the ocean waves, but that has never happened before. Thehouse was literally rattling and vibrating every 10 seconds. IT sounded like people were banging on our roof. Then I thought it might be little earthquakes. Then I just didn't care and wanted to SLEEP!! Turns out it is Camp Pendleton having explosive training. So basically they are bombing the shit out of the valleys about 15 miles away. Sounds like frigin Baghdad. For christ sake people this broad needs some rest! I am going absolutely crazy, and when I get crazy I get CRAZEEEEEE!!! Just today at Valvoline I got batty, and way tired and super cranky. The bastards told me 5 minutes to do some job that I know for a fact i didn't need but they bullied me into it. The 5 minute job took well over an hour. I lied and made up a story about how "my kids are waiting for me ALONE at school." hahaha whatever they don't have to know. I just said "next time I appreciate your honesty, please don't lie to me." Then I huffed and puffed alot. Then I felt bad about it. Oh I am so tired. Night

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Mary IronMatron said...

oh... that murder. next door. Dear God. I would be FREAKED OUT and then some.
Congrats on the pukeish hard core two miles! Wahoo! Puke is wear it's at. I'm convinced. :)