Monday, January 25, 2010


Not sure if I mentioned that the cops showed up at our house last week. They were banging on the door while Brian was working and were looking for a woman who used to live here. Apparently she was a really good time cause she had a few DUI's and did not show up to court so she had a warrant out for her arrest.

Cut to today.

I decided to cook a soup and was shopping for the ingredients at the store when I get a text from Bri "call me its URGENT". However when I called he was yet again speaking to the police. This time it was a murder. Apparently a woman was killed across the street from us. They were focusing in on Saturday night which was the random black out that we had in the neighborhood. When the lights went out we decided to walk the dog cause there was nothing else to do. I had the flashlight and put it on much to Bri's chagrin because I was spooked. I did not want to suprise anyone in the dark so I lit it up. We told the police that we were walking by at the time they may be thinking. Once I saw the house on the news I was sure that it was one that we walked by that had the garage door open. I thought it was weird since the electricity was out. This was also the first time that we ever walked up on this street cause its across from us but to get to it we have to go up a little hill. So this womans back yard faces us. I am spooked and feel so terrible for her family and friends. I am hoping I can walk down the street tomorrow to jog my memory a little bit. I am wondering how they are determining Saturday, and thinking about the other day that I was out for a run I saw a strange man going up that street. He had no shoes on his feet which was odd because it was pouring. He kept looking around like someone was chasing him. I kept my eye on him to make sure he was not following me he was that creepy. Not to mention we live in a million dollar neighborhood where it is mostly families and older people and he did not fit the norm around here. I have already left one message for the detective maybe I will tell them that too.

Anyways we will be locking up these doors nice and tight tonight!

Yesterdays workout was great. I was all screwed up because we had our team workout on Sunday AND it was at 1:30! I don't think my body has ever worked out at that time for a long period of time. It was like sitting around watching paint dry to just get going. We did a 4 mile bike ride which was mostly uphill so that was good. Then we did a 1.2 mile run nice and flat. We did 4 repeats and I was pretty beat. We were supposed to push it on the hill that we ended on then push it running to the turn around point. I did not have my garmin yesterday (SOMEONE unplugged it to plug in their electric razor to shave their beard.......hmmmn WHOM COULD I BE TALKING ABOUT) so I am not sure how fast I went but I felt like I was running under a ten minute mile which is rather good for me.

We finished up and did what every triathlete does...went to In-N-Out for a burger, fries and a milkshake. I was SHOCKED at how many people turned us down at the idea, even looking at us like we were crazy. I mean I thought about a double double animal style after loop 2 for christ sake!!

Needless to say we got home and I felt ILL!! I was in the shower thinking "geesh I really could use a massage" I was achy and sore. When I got out to my suprise Roz the amazing masseus was at the house! Apparently I forgot that I scheduled a massage for us! YIPPEEEEE!!!!

It was marvelous, but made me really doubt my mental status. I have been sooooo forgetful lately! The other day shopping I swiped the same debit card I have had since the beginning of time with the same password and I kept getting denied and they would tell me "sorry wrong password" I basically told all 3 cashiers that they were in fact the crazy ones. I even called the bank and went to a local one but they were closed. After many hours I remembered that they had changed my number like 6 MONTHS AGO!!! I remembered the number but could not for the life of me recall why they changed it. Lord help me!


kristen said...

Holy cow. that's crazy. Be careful girl. I couldn't imagine...

Double animal style...hell yeah.

Red Bike said...

Can't beat a good meal after a hard ride / run.

Not sure about Macdonalds but i'm a sucker for a bacon and egg sandwich. Which I suppose is still double animal sytle.

Great blog btw.