Saturday, January 23, 2010

mr sun sun mr golden sun

Sunny San Diego has not been so sunny this week. It has stormed for about 5 straight days with crazy winds, hail, thunder, lightning, and some crazy surf. We lost electricity a few times and I have to say, it wasn't fun ESPECIALLY when it happened on my favorite night of TV!! Anyways because it sucked so badly weather wise it meant rediscovering my inside activities. I reupped at the pilates studio and got a good workout there tuesday morning before work and managed to to a tempo run around the neighborhood between storms. Wednesday was the night that we lost power and had some pretty horriffic storms so I did not make it to the pool.

I did however have an awesome phone call on Wednesday with a intuitivist. Its like a psychic but they don't really call themselves that anymore. She was incredible and please spare me how you feel on the topic because I don't really give a shit. People are allowed to believe what they believe and I find it incredibly rude when people slight things that I know and feel because they are not comfortable with it. Don't quite know why people feel the need to do that but to each his own I guess. Anyways she was incredible, we did it over the phone and she was actually able to pinpoint all the weird health issues I have been having, and also gave some pointers to help with the head/stomach and vertigo stuff. That was basically worth its weight in gold. She also does medium readings and after the first reading I had with her I think it will be an amazing one. I have another call with her in a few weeks where we will be chatting with my mom and hopefully some others! Again people spare me your feelings on this. I have had some experiences with people who have crossed over, and it started when my mom was sick. These experiences helped me to cope with her passing, and have helped me to hone in on that kind of energy so that I can try to open that bridge for other people. Until you have lost someone so close and dear to you I don't think you can understand how important it is to keep that connection with them. And there are certainly ways of doing that.

Okay minor rant there! Our workouts got all screwed up this weekend due to weather. We will not be able to swim in the ocean this weekend. Apparently after storms like this it takes about 3 days for the levels to be safe to swim in the water without getting some sort of disease. So we are doing our brick workout on Sunday and I am heading to the pool now! I think I see the sun!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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