Sunday, January 17, 2010

Somebody has to fall

My wonderful husband woke up yesterday to join me at our brick workout, despite the fact that he had gotten about 3 hours of sleep the previous night and then flew back from boston. We met down the street and listened to a truly inspirational mission moment from one of our teammates. Makes us realize how lucky we both are that despite losing our moms we have our family to support us. We dried our tears and left for our ride with my teammates mom's name written on our hands. I was the "sweeper" for the team which means that I stay with our slowest rider and cheer them on. I have to say, it is not easy. Biking is a weird sport. It is not easy to keep up with others whether they are faster or slower. I will consider it a good base building ride because my heart rate was at a resting pace most of the ride despite there being some climbs. We rode the Del Dios highway which heads east through some beautiful rolling hills then opens up to the below picture.

I love this ride. There are some nice climbs and tons of bicyclists to watch. At one point there was a group of guys going down as we were going up and one dude actually was off his seat crouched down on his tube going about 40 mph. It was insane to watch and I can only imagine the kind of damage he would do if he hit a bump. I guess some people take the whole aerodynamic thing to the extremes.

Anyways we made it to our destination after a few hours. When I pulled up everyone was showing me Brian's bike because all his spokes inhis rear wheel came loose. He realized this when he was going downhill and luckily stopped when this happened. THe coach tried to repair it as he was off for his 5 mile run. The wheel that he put on was not a good match but Brian did not realize this until he was trying to grind up a 14% incline hill. This is the site of where Bri fell off the bike. He is okay, just a little road rash on his shoulder and ass. I got to see him right after and he along with me was wishing I was there to see it. It would have been a real good laugh! I am such a good wife.

We walked at the lake for our transition and then I headed back west with my teammate. THe ride back was a little more brutal than the ride there because she was tiring, but powered up the hills little by little. By the time we got back I was frigin starved! I was not expecting a 5 hour day so I did not eat enough or bring enough with me. Bri had to get a ride back to our car so I just hit up the local pizza/brewery and waited for him to get me.

Good times! Today is our first open water swim! The water is about 55 degrees! BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

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