Sunday, January 3, 2010

all time new low

Had another bike ride this morning in Coronado on the Silver Strand bike path. It is "lavaman specific" in that it is on the coast, flat and has a tail and then headwind. I thought it was a little peculiar when I was going about 20mph on the way out. I should have known....
THe turn around brought on some nice head winds which is what we will be dealing with in Hawaii as well so its good training. I have to say it was nice to be on a path where you don't have to keep stopping for red lights and such so it feels like a real race day kind of day. I passed some people, who cares that they were on bike cruisers and were like 80! I don't! Perhaps the most hilarious part of this ride was when I was on the way back and killing myself to go about 13 mph and I see a little boy (like seriously little, maybe 6?) and he is riding behind a large guy. As soon as I said "on your left" he looks back at me (mind you he was in bike shorts, shirt, and oakley sunglasses and a MOUNTAIN BIKE) gives me a sinister look, gets to the left of the guy he was riding behind and starts hammering it out. Of course I start taunting the kid saying things like "well look at you little Lance" so he kept it up. I have to say I had to work pretty damn hard to pass the little bastard, and went up about 3 gears and had to go about 16 mph to pass him. I was impressed. I can only imagine if the kid were on a road bike. I tried to take a picture but realized I would just embarass myself if I did that cause I probably would not have been able to overtake the 6 YEAR OLD!!!
Oh to be young again!
Well I have to rest my nether regions. Two days in a row on the bike have left me in a bit of pain. I also feel like I should note that I already have a tri tan. Its only January. I am going to have to do some serious beach time to get rid of these tan lines for all the weddings this spring!

75 and sunny again in paradise! Suck it snow!


Missy said...

Hahahaha, way to kick that kids ass!

kristen said...

Well I'm glad you didn't get shown up by a snot nosed little six year old. Way to show em who's boss!