Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My true calling in life

Well we just got back from our first official inner tube water polo game. We showed up to the Wavehouse which is a huge compound in the Mission Beach area. It has a bunch of wave pools where people learn to surf and whatnot. Then there is a massive indoor pool area where they keep the water nice and warm(always wonder about the warm pools). Anyways we met our teammates there and attempted to get into the tubes. There were a few guys on our team that had played before, but the rest of us were newbies. I must say I giggled the entire hour. I did more than laughing though, I took advantage of us being new to the water and flipped a boy out of his tube and then taunted him.

Upon reading the rules of the sport I thought that there was "no contact" and that you could not flip people over. I was WRONG. So after quickly realizing that cheap shots were in, and that the ref could have cared less, I grabbed the bottom of the tube handles and flipped and kicked and splashed and even took a few cheap shots under the tubes to boys private areas. Whatever! They were rough too! I was actually not half bad, but I think it was because I was pretty much the only girl whose legs hit the water and so for that reason I tore ass around the pool. I had a few assists but did not score. I have to stop throwing the ball directly at the goalie. Anyways it was loads of fun and I could not stop laughing. Especially when Bri would end up out of his tube and to watch him writhe and wiggle his way back on and off and on and off the tube again was priceless. Although he begged not to post any pictures I have to do it. Of course in good Vavi fashion we went out for some spirits and wings after, which only reminds me of my good ole' Joe Sent Me summer soccer team.

Oh we lost, but it was 9 to 11, and the other teams girls really never touched the ball, and we did. Heres to improvement! Next week our game is late, so we will drink before then swim after. We will see how that tactic works. Oh also I will be sure not to use any type of body lotion right before entering the pool. Made for a slippery polo team member.

GO TEAM 8! 0 and 1

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pics of the house

Here are some pics of the house. I am also happy to report that Belle is doing just fine after her surgery and doesn't even need to wear the annoying lampshade over her head!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am supposed to do what?

Okay so I decided to give yoga a real try before I begin training for my next endurance event, which is most likely going to be the San Diego rock n roll Marathon next June. I am just trying to keep myself from further injuries. I looked up all my old marathon times and the one year out of 4 that I was not injured I ran the marathon about 40 minutes faster than all my others. With that in mind I took to the web and found a few yoga places in the area. I had to figure out what type of yoga I wanted to do because I have ended up at some crazy classes, in which chanting and sacrificing bananas were involved. That may be for some, but not for me. So I found that vinyasa yoga would be up my alley. It involves quick movement through poses and is quite a workout.

I brought my yoga mat that I have maybe had for about 10 years and found a nice spot towards the back, but where I could watch enough people around me to guide me through. I knew most of the poses but definately had that "huh?" look on my face quite a few times. There were people in the class that i'm sure had to be gymnasts at some point in their lives, so yeah, I felt a little inept, but really did not care too much. It came time to do some headstands and what not and I have never in my life even attempted this. But the instructor kept insisting that I do it. Once she got down on my mat to show me how to do it without breaking my neck, she was appauled at the shape of my mat and quickly ran out to get me one that I would not slide on like a slip n slide. Then I was off. I made it into a tripod headstand which is what you do before actually growing a set and having the strength to lift your legs up straight. So yes, I flailed about most of the class, and the instructor did have to apologize to the rest of the class because of all the help I needed but whatever, i'll go back and eventually I will rock the headstand.

Good luck to Belle today because she is going in for surgery on her eye!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bump, set, sand socks

Okay so its been an eventful weekend. I signed up for beach volleyball and there were only female spots left, so Bri took the dog to the dog beach portion of Ocean Beach and I ventured over to meet Team 26. Its a fun league and I thought i'd be joining a team that had a bunch of friends on it, but our team was a mosh posh of people who were all relatively new to SD. Of course right away I tried to suggest a shlew of inappropriate names for our team, and my suggestions were well received so team 26 was fine by me. I think I was by far the least experienced but I held my own and made some good contributions to the team. The sand had to have been about 300 degrees so my feet pretty much felt like they had 3rd degree burns on them and we had to play for 2 hours. I am going to invest in 'sand socks' that most people were smart enough to come with. Anyhoo our first match we won, but the second one...not so much. One of our opponents, a Chargers fan, was not so nice to me. Yes I may have been wearing a Patriots hat, but really, why do you need to consistently overhand serve a rocket to me. I basically just let the ball hit me, over and over and over again and it would make it up to the front for someone to spike. So apparently people out here, like the Red Sox, are somewhat tolerable of Celtics hats (even though we are close to LA), but wear a Pats hat and you will be repeatedly asked "do you know where you are????" I am surely going to remind these people where we are when the pats play the chargers in San Diego in October!

This morning I woke up early to cheer on my friend Liza from graduate school who also lives out here. She was running the San Diego half marathon and she actually won her division and was the first female from San Diego county to finish in about 1 hour 20 minutes. Impressive for only having started running last year.

My cousin Carol and her family are in town so we hung out with our second visitors today and had a great day at the beach and then having dinner in PB.

On a sad note, poor Belle has to have surgery on Tuesday. Her eye gland keeps popping out. She also encountered another problem that is very disgusting and will be censored, but if you want to hear the story that pushed Lisa into morning sickness this morning then let me know and I will share it with you. Its funny now that it did not kill my dog, but I would have been the cause of my dogs death, or her contracting TSS...........

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our first visitors

Well I just dropped off my dad and Apple at the airport. It was a great visit and hopefully we showed them a good time so that they will come back! Lots of highlights to the visit. But here are a few.

-clogging the toilet and screaming "help help help" until my father came in to shut it off.
-watching Apple paraglide over the cliffs of Torrey Pines
-my father actually making the call to a few screen guys to rid us of our fly problem for good.
-hearing my dads response to my statement of "I bet you smoked alot when you were young.."
-seeing the most hysterical streakers at the Padres game. Hopefully you can watch this video that I found of it on Youtube.

One kid got cuffed in the outfield, one made it to homeplate and slid into it, and one made it over to the dug out then fell over. You would NEVER see that at Fenway cause the security guards would have clotheslined them 5 feet into their run. While I myself have performed to entertain the masses (aka Midnight Madness and PC 2001 Graduation) I only wish I had done this back in the day.

I am signing up today for a few things on this sports network here in San Diego called VAVi. Inner tube water polo. Now I have witnessed water polo without the tube and think that it is definately a good idea to have a flotation device. I was also planning on beach volleyball but the team I was going to join was never formed, and I don't feel confident to join their 'competitive' league, so I am going to do a class on it on Sundays so I can start training to be Misty Mae's fill in in the 2012 Olympics.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Surfing Dogs

We have pretty much spent the weekend at the beach on our new body boards. Today we went back to the dog beach and witnessed our very first dog surfing. Enjoy the pics!

Also, my wonderful sister in law is sending us a webcam so we can see our neices and nephews so we are psyched for that. Let us know if you have one so we can chat!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet

Well I made it through my first week of work in one piece and survived my first earthquake. Now I must admit that I had no idea about it until a coworkers mother called from Virginia to tell us that there was an earthquake. Brian felt it at the house and I think most everyone else, but I must have been outside or something. As I drove over the 2 mile Coronado bridge I just prayed that another one was not going to happen, and i'm sure I will think about it everytime I drive over it but what can ya do.

Work went well this week and I have another week and then my dad and Apple arrive which I am very excited for. We have been settling in and just made a trip to Lowes to assist us in our fly problem that got way grosser than Brian will allow me to write on the computer. So we are taking matters into our own hands since noone has screens on their windows around here. I pretty much go on a killing spree when I get home everyday, not a pretty sight.

We were planning on beaching it with the dog today but her damn eye gland popped out so we may go it alone and pick up some boogie boards, and start slaying some waves.

Here are some pics of our night last night at a great outside bar in pacific beach where you can see great sunsets from the roof bar.

Jody, Kim, Brooke

Jody & Bri at the Ale House