Saturday, August 2, 2008

I feel the earth move under my feet

Well I made it through my first week of work in one piece and survived my first earthquake. Now I must admit that I had no idea about it until a coworkers mother called from Virginia to tell us that there was an earthquake. Brian felt it at the house and I think most everyone else, but I must have been outside or something. As I drove over the 2 mile Coronado bridge I just prayed that another one was not going to happen, and i'm sure I will think about it everytime I drive over it but what can ya do.

Work went well this week and I have another week and then my dad and Apple arrive which I am very excited for. We have been settling in and just made a trip to Lowes to assist us in our fly problem that got way grosser than Brian will allow me to write on the computer. So we are taking matters into our own hands since noone has screens on their windows around here. I pretty much go on a killing spree when I get home everyday, not a pretty sight.

We were planning on beaching it with the dog today but her damn eye gland popped out so we may go it alone and pick up some boogie boards, and start slaying some waves.

Here are some pics of our night last night at a great outside bar in pacific beach where you can see great sunsets from the roof bar.

Jody, Kim, Brooke

Jody & Bri at the Ale House

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