Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our first visitors

Well I just dropped off my dad and Apple at the airport. It was a great visit and hopefully we showed them a good time so that they will come back! Lots of highlights to the visit. But here are a few.

-clogging the toilet and screaming "help help help" until my father came in to shut it off.
-watching Apple paraglide over the cliffs of Torrey Pines
-my father actually making the call to a few screen guys to rid us of our fly problem for good.
-hearing my dads response to my statement of "I bet you smoked alot when you were young.."
-seeing the most hysterical streakers at the Padres game. Hopefully you can watch this video that I found of it on Youtube.

One kid got cuffed in the outfield, one made it to homeplate and slid into it, and one made it over to the dug out then fell over. You would NEVER see that at Fenway cause the security guards would have clotheslined them 5 feet into their run. While I myself have performed to entertain the masses (aka Midnight Madness and PC 2001 Graduation) I only wish I had done this back in the day.

I am signing up today for a few things on this sports network here in San Diego called VAVi. Inner tube water polo. Now I have witnessed water polo without the tube and think that it is definately a good idea to have a flotation device. I was also planning on beach volleyball but the team I was going to join was never formed, and I don't feel confident to join their 'competitive' league, so I am going to do a class on it on Sundays so I can start training to be Misty Mae's fill in in the 2012 Olympics.

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