Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bump, set, sand socks

Okay so its been an eventful weekend. I signed up for beach volleyball and there were only female spots left, so Bri took the dog to the dog beach portion of Ocean Beach and I ventured over to meet Team 26. Its a fun league and I thought i'd be joining a team that had a bunch of friends on it, but our team was a mosh posh of people who were all relatively new to SD. Of course right away I tried to suggest a shlew of inappropriate names for our team, and my suggestions were well received so team 26 was fine by me. I think I was by far the least experienced but I held my own and made some good contributions to the team. The sand had to have been about 300 degrees so my feet pretty much felt like they had 3rd degree burns on them and we had to play for 2 hours. I am going to invest in 'sand socks' that most people were smart enough to come with. Anyhoo our first match we won, but the second one...not so much. One of our opponents, a Chargers fan, was not so nice to me. Yes I may have been wearing a Patriots hat, but really, why do you need to consistently overhand serve a rocket to me. I basically just let the ball hit me, over and over and over again and it would make it up to the front for someone to spike. So apparently people out here, like the Red Sox, are somewhat tolerable of Celtics hats (even though we are close to LA), but wear a Pats hat and you will be repeatedly asked "do you know where you are????" I am surely going to remind these people where we are when the pats play the chargers in San Diego in October!

This morning I woke up early to cheer on my friend Liza from graduate school who also lives out here. She was running the San Diego half marathon and she actually won her division and was the first female from San Diego county to finish in about 1 hour 20 minutes. Impressive for only having started running last year.

My cousin Carol and her family are in town so we hung out with our second visitors today and had a great day at the beach and then having dinner in PB.

On a sad note, poor Belle has to have surgery on Tuesday. Her eye gland keeps popping out. She also encountered another problem that is very disgusting and will be censored, but if you want to hear the story that pushed Lisa into morning sickness this morning then let me know and I will share it with you. Its funny now that it did not kill my dog, but I would have been the cause of my dogs death, or her contracting TSS...........

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