Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My true calling in life

Well we just got back from our first official inner tube water polo game. We showed up to the Wavehouse which is a huge compound in the Mission Beach area. It has a bunch of wave pools where people learn to surf and whatnot. Then there is a massive indoor pool area where they keep the water nice and warm(always wonder about the warm pools). Anyways we met our teammates there and attempted to get into the tubes. There were a few guys on our team that had played before, but the rest of us were newbies. I must say I giggled the entire hour. I did more than laughing though, I took advantage of us being new to the water and flipped a boy out of his tube and then taunted him.

Upon reading the rules of the sport I thought that there was "no contact" and that you could not flip people over. I was WRONG. So after quickly realizing that cheap shots were in, and that the ref could have cared less, I grabbed the bottom of the tube handles and flipped and kicked and splashed and even took a few cheap shots under the tubes to boys private areas. Whatever! They were rough too! I was actually not half bad, but I think it was because I was pretty much the only girl whose legs hit the water and so for that reason I tore ass around the pool. I had a few assists but did not score. I have to stop throwing the ball directly at the goalie. Anyways it was loads of fun and I could not stop laughing. Especially when Bri would end up out of his tube and to watch him writhe and wiggle his way back on and off and on and off the tube again was priceless. Although he begged not to post any pictures I have to do it. Of course in good Vavi fashion we went out for some spirits and wings after, which only reminds me of my good ole' Joe Sent Me summer soccer team.

Oh we lost, but it was 9 to 11, and the other teams girls really never touched the ball, and we did. Heres to improvement! Next week our game is late, so we will drink before then swim after. We will see how that tactic works. Oh also I will be sure not to use any type of body lotion right before entering the pool. Made for a slippery polo team member.

GO TEAM 8! 0 and 1

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Liza said...

Jody is being modest, she is the superstar of TEAM 8. Im right there with ya thou, assists but no goals! Somehow when the ball leaves my hands its like a magnet to the goalies. I wonder how david beckham does it?