Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I am supposed to do what?

Okay so I decided to give yoga a real try before I begin training for my next endurance event, which is most likely going to be the San Diego rock n roll Marathon next June. I am just trying to keep myself from further injuries. I looked up all my old marathon times and the one year out of 4 that I was not injured I ran the marathon about 40 minutes faster than all my others. With that in mind I took to the web and found a few yoga places in the area. I had to figure out what type of yoga I wanted to do because I have ended up at some crazy classes, in which chanting and sacrificing bananas were involved. That may be for some, but not for me. So I found that vinyasa yoga would be up my alley. It involves quick movement through poses and is quite a workout.

I brought my yoga mat that I have maybe had for about 10 years and found a nice spot towards the back, but where I could watch enough people around me to guide me through. I knew most of the poses but definately had that "huh?" look on my face quite a few times. There were people in the class that i'm sure had to be gymnasts at some point in their lives, so yeah, I felt a little inept, but really did not care too much. It came time to do some headstands and what not and I have never in my life even attempted this. But the instructor kept insisting that I do it. Once she got down on my mat to show me how to do it without breaking my neck, she was appauled at the shape of my mat and quickly ran out to get me one that I would not slide on like a slip n slide. Then I was off. I made it into a tripod headstand which is what you do before actually growing a set and having the strength to lift your legs up straight. So yes, I flailed about most of the class, and the instructor did have to apologize to the rest of the class because of all the help I needed but whatever, i'll go back and eventually I will rock the headstand.

Good luck to Belle today because she is going in for surgery on her eye!

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