Saturday, January 9, 2010

suck it brick

Yes we realize how cool we are, especially me and my double jointed thumb. It is the only flexible thing on my whole body. I honestly cannot figure out who looks like a bigger tool in this...
Today was our first "brick" workout. I always thought it was called a brick workout because your legs felt like bricks when you go from bike to run..etc. Apparently that is not the case and it is because you are building foundation like bricks. I don't really see the correlation, really your legs feel like bricks, and often times there also feels like there is a brick in your stomach, or that you are going to actually shit out a brick. (Driving home from our first brick, he should really drive with his eyes closed more often)

Anyways we met up in Carlsbad along a beautiful beach where the swells were high which meant tons of surfers. We set up a transition area there and started off our workout. Bike along the coast for 6 miles then run 1.5 the sand. Yeah good stuff. Oh and we repeated that 4 times.

It was fun and I felt pretty strong, I only stopped because I was getting super hungry. I worked up quite an appetite with all of my performing. My buddy Mark on the team and I have started a new craze, dueling bicyclists. You know like a dueling piano bar, except its the two of us on the road seranading anyone and everyone that we happen to pass. So far we have been hitting up most of the hot 80s and 90s songs and even did some name that tune of childhood shows. At one point I requested I touch myself and dedicated it of course to the two senior citizens walking by. I think the surfers especially liked that one. Anyways it was a busy day so I think that the loud obnoxious singing was safer than wearing a helmet, because EVERYONE knew we were coming. I think that we should probably be on the Ellen show any day now. This should spread like wildfires.

Props to Bri for surviving his first brick workout. I am waking up early to meet my team for a run around Lake Hodges which will be the site of next weekends brick. Then its time for the Pats game and then...wait for it... ROZ IS BACK!!! Roz is my masseus/rolfer and I have to say it will be wonderful to have her back in my life to give a nice painful sports massage as opposed to an excruciating rolfing session! AND now in our new house we have a massage room! (well its just an extra bedroom that we really didn't realize we had and all that is in there are my weights, a foam roller and a wetsuit...pretty pitiful)

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kristen said...

that sounds like a pretty bad ass workout. I like it. Definlty doesn't get boring!