Monday, February 1, 2010

warning: don't drink the water

Woke up Saturday morning feeling like I was going to puke. Not a great way to head to a brick workout at 6 am but I went. I quickly realized that workout was not in the cards for me. I stayed for the pre meeting stuff and listented to our swim coach give his mission moment. Always amazes me how resilient people can be and how you would really never know the true essence of a person just by looking at them. We have no idea what people have gone through or are going through. I have known him for 3 years and never knew his story so that was pretty moving. At TNT it really never is a true Saturday workout until tears have been shed. Doesn't take much for this broad!

So I left after helping our coach a bit and went home to pick up the dog and pretty much drove back to the lake we started at so I could get Bri. He killed it again on the ride, had his first flat, fixed his first flat and made it back to run about 3-4 miles or so.

I rallied Saturday night for a GNO! Ummmmmmmm lets just say that I got halfway to the bar, sneezed and pissed myself in the car. YUP had to drive back home, change, explain to Brian and the dog who were both judging me that I was not a 90 year old woman and made it back to the wine bar in record time! Seriously its been an issue since I was young I have accepted it and so should you.

Woke up Sunday and convinced my lovely friend LG to ride with me. We did the same ride that the team did the day before. Let me tell ya the people of Rancho Santa Fe were not a fan of her. She got honked at about 25 times for riding in the road. It was pretty hilarious to me. I can't believe she never flipped the bird. Being the nervous nelly that I am was pretty much begging her to move over the whole time. What can I say, she likes to live on the edge. We pretty much only did the ride so that we could go to our favorite breakfast/lunch spot, the Naked Cafe. It is seriously ridiculous and the kicker is that it is all super healthy stuff, located right at Solana Beach, AND there were people dancing to thriller outside. Doesn't get any more entertaining than that. OH and we stared at some woman with the largest most ridiculous looking diamond ring on that I have ever seen. We were not discreet about this fact at all. I think that if you have a ring of that caliber it is pretty much so people will stare, and stare we did. It was legitimately the size of my eyeball. Her ring could probably have paid off all of my school debt, and there is a whole lot of that!

Moving on!

I pretty much got back from lunch and got my stuff together for our 2nd open water swim at La Jolla Shores. I thought it would get easier but not so much. The water felt colder and I yelled like a lunatic, it was like I had tourrettes for a bit "F&#K S&*T" you get the idea. We did a whole bunch of swimming and that was great. There were tons of planes flying overhead for the golf tournament that was happening right next to us. I got home and was SUPER uncomfortable. I coudn't breathe very well and had intense pains in my chest and lungs. I figured it was the asthma flaring up from the frigid water (its about 56 degrees). Took a few puffs of the inhaler and that did not help. It hurt way worse when I ate or drank. I got frustrated and decided to sleep it off so I went to bed at 7:30.......yes I am so cool.

Anyways I was explaining this to my boss and she said "did you drink the water?" Well I mean of course I did not go into the ocean thinking "hmmn I am so thirsty, I could really go for 50 degree salt water with some algae in it" but I mean you do drink some water when you have waves crashing in your face. Apparently this causes awful heartburn which TOTALLY makes sense to me now. I am so releived that it is not the asthma flare up because the water is not going to get warmer any time soon. Although it will be about 80 in Hawaii!!!

Which leads me to another attempt to beg you all for money! We are almost there on our goal this year. It has certainly been more difficult with both Brian and I fundraising but we are getting there slowly but surely!

If you would like to donate to our cause please visit our fundraising website:

Happy February!
The month of our dogs birth! Our Anniversary! And hopefully the month we can stop begging you all for money!! WHOO HOO!!


Missy said...

Every time I would sneeze my mom would look at me and ask - did you wet your pants? I guess that was her thing too:)

LG said...

ummm....why would i flip the bird to people who were clearly honking to say hello and express their happiness at how hot we were all clad in our finest spandex ;)

have a good day nelly.