Saturday, February 6, 2010

right on pace

I woke up early today for our Super 10K after. I spent all day Friday on the couch sick, and think I may have gotten up only for essentials. So I literally went from couch to 10K like all those silly workout websites say! Anyways my original pace after our time trial was to be 10:16 for my 10K pace. After we did the 2 mile time trial I was apparently super fast and my pace changed to 9:30. I knew after last weeks track workout that it would most likely be somewhere in between that. To be honest I am happy with a 10 minute mile since I have been so used to a slower marathon pace.

This was actually my very first 10k. The only other one I can compare it to was part of a triathlon so I am not sure that counts, but for comparison purposes lets say that it does. My 10K pace at Mooseman was 1:16 which was about a 12 minute pace. My 10K pace today was 1:03 which was almost exactly 10:15 my original pace. The race today went around Fiesta Island and with the storm coming in it was extra windy. The kind of wind that knocks your hat off as you are running. I was amazed at how much the wind can affect your pace. Its basically just like a hill. I would go from 9:30 to 12 minute miles like it was nothing. Very strange. That is what Kona will be like on both the bike and the run so it was a good way to get used to that. I was running with my girls for the first 2-3 miles then I started with a pretty uncomfortable stomach cramp. I felt it before we started running but just kind of hoped it would go away. I suffered. I pretty much wanted to stop and walk a bit the whole last 3 miles but it was a "race" and I wanted to see what I could do so I just kind of went for it. It felt like a comfortable pace and if anything hopefully the bike ride will serve more as a warm up and my body will be more ready and willing to run that same pace. Granted Kona will be about 30 degrees warmer than today (i hear it will be around 90 and even hotter on the lava fields) but I will also have good ole adrenaline helping me out there!

So my first 10K is over and done with. Now I will get back into that horizontal position and milk this rainy day for everything it is worth! Looks like there will probably be no ocean swim tomorrow so we'll see what kind of workout happens on Sunday! Plus I plan on drinking lots of wine tonight...yay!!!!!!!


Red Bike said...

Congratulations on a great 10k.

I'm REALLY struggling to combine running, cycling and swimming. So slightly jealous of everyone who makes it look so easy.

kristen said...

Nicely done! The wind is a serious factor no doubt. (That's why they don't cound sprinters record times if theres too much wind!) I would take rain and snow over wind anyday.

Great job on a "couch to 10k". I'm glad your feeling better.

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