Sunday, February 28, 2010

a hot day

This week was sort of a blur. A bunch of workouts a whole lot of knee pain and more rain. Rain keeps ruining our saturday workouts. Yet again we had to cancel a workout and move it to sunday. Since I had my saturday free I went to hot yoga in the morning. It was pretty annoying because something is wrong with my knee. Hard to straighten it, hard to bend it all the way which made for some uncomfortable poses. Also the broad next to me stuck her foot in my face not once, not twice, but THREE frigin times. And its HOT yoga, like sweat dripping off yourtoes into my face hot. EW EW EW. I was aggro oh AND she knocked over my water and spilt it with her stupid shweaty feet.

After yoga my friend LG invited me to a "spa day". I have never done anything like this. I figured it would be a good way to spend a rainy saturday. I signed up for my first facial. NOT A FAN! At one point I had stuff over my eyes so I couldnt see, my hands in baggies inside gloves under a towel close to my body and steam blowing up my nose. I was soooooooo claustrophobic it was not even remotely enjoyable for me. I felt like it was a mix between an mri and a cat scan, neither of which were enjoyable for me and both of which I needed to pop meds. Oh then she brought out the pic to poke my blackheads with. They all happened to be on my nose which is apparently the most sensitive part on your face. I flinched and teared up the whole time. The lady kept saying "does this feel good?" ummmmmmmmmmmmmm "NO!!" A few parts were nice but I would take a massage over that nonsense any day of the week!

After that we spend the day in our robes and slippers. It was glorious! We got lunch sat in the jacuzzi, then went to the sauna, then out to the roman waterfalls, then back in the jacuzzi, then the steam room (i lasted about 2 seconds in there), someone gave me a loofa bath (that was odd, but free), and some more time in the jacuzzi. It was awesome! Such a relaxing day. I realized I spent much of the day in over 100 degrees so I drank tons of water.

Not so sure what is happening with my knee. I woke up to this feeling last week and it has not gotten better. I kind of have to limp. It feels okay when I workout but definately something going on. Resting it did not seem to help, ice and lots of ibuprofen help. Oh and all the heat yesterday definately helped it. Kind of feels like I have a floating knee cap or something. Maybe fluid? Who knows ?! I guess it would not be a true training season without a good injury. On the bright side I get to go on my first ride out on the roads today on the new bike!


Missy said...

I HATE facials too. I just don't like a random person rubbing on my face. Hot Yoga...I had to give it up. The vermin in the room just got to me, a shame, I liked it but it didn't like me at all.

kristen said...

Sorry about the knee. I know how frustrating that shit is! Never been to a spa, but I think I'm going to go to one in a couple of weeks....we'll see.

I like Bikram Yoga. So intense.

Kim said...

hey jod, you doing Vineman? email me!