Saturday, February 20, 2010

isn't he lovely

Isn't he wonderful! Its my NEW BIKE! I finally broke down. I have been walking by bikes that I want for a year now. I went to a TREK tent sale last night and knew that there were some great deals. I went back today to "browse" and left with a new bike! Well new to me but it is a 2008 demo bike. I basically got it for half off. It rode like a dream. I had to bid farewell to my "old bike" and I have to say with all my issues this riding season it was not a tough one. I got a good trade in value for the bike so that helped with cost as well. Need to name this bike. I decided that it is going to be a he. I often feel like I have an extremely intimate relationship with my bike so its only fitting that it is a guy. Name suggestions are welcome. He is a Trek Madone if that helps you to get the creative juices flowing.
Belle was extremely helpful at our workout today. Due to my testicles I decided to stay off the bike for the weekend and heal up so that maybe one day my husband will have that loving feeling for me again. I volunteered with a few other mentors and helped out at todays "time trial". The team rode the same bike path I did last weekend for 15 miles and did 2 loops. We were simulating the bottle exchange for them so it was actually kind of fun. We had a minor mishap when Bri showed up a bit earlier than expected and I got frazzled, the dog got away and Bri almost ran her over and he almost crashed. Definatley not my fault.
Bri killed it which is semi annoying since he did not work out a single time this week. I guess he was making sure he was rested up for the big time trial. He is going to crush the triathlon. Maybe he'll get a bike as gorgeous as mine someday.

Happy weekend to all! I will bea much happier camper once I get my bike on Monday after my bike fit!!! ooooooohhhhhhweeeeeeeeeee

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