Tuesday, February 9, 2010

no rain, no rainbows

Saturday night I set out to do what I planned on doing....being inappropriate and drinking too much wine...done and done!
We met up for our friends 30th bday at a wine bar/restuarant close by our house. I planned on sharing my bottle of wine, but everyone ordered their own, sooooooo drink it I did! By the end of the night I had a french bread roll stuffed into my pants coming out of my zipper and was pelvic thrusting the window while standing on a chair for all the patrons inside the restaurant to see. Some people laughed, most were horrified but I am pretty sure I was the hit of the party. Brian was oh so very proud. Notice the distance between us at the table!!!haha!! It was super fun and a night I needed oh so badly!

Drinking too much, and not sleeping hardly at all meant that Sunday was a no workout day for me. I don't know when Sundays became yet another training day, because it has always been an "off day" until this training season. I kind of don't mind cause I have all day to workout, and it just means that on another day during the week I can sit and relax, perhaps clean and bang out some laundry that I let build up the whole week.

Monday night Bri and I headed to the local pool and did some nightswimming. LOVE nightswimming. ESPECIALLY when we do not have to stay and cover the pool and ESPECIALLY when it is super warm. So warm that the mist is rising off the top AND when the lights are on in the pool. Its just magical like that and so reminds me of the many nights at friends pools throughout the summer nights. We did a build up that I made up, 100 swim 100 pull, 200 swim 200 pull, 300 swim 300 pull, 400 swim 400 pull. Totals to 2000 meters which is just over a mile. A good workout and tough on the arms. I was secretly racing with the middle aged bald man to the right of my lane. I love when I find someone who is just about my speed and I secretly race them the whole workout. I know he was pushing a little more effort as well. I swam way faster than I would have had I been alone and I'm sure he did too. But I smoked his ass the whole time. At the end of the workout I decided to see if I could still do flip turns. I did them growing up when I would swim but havent in many years since the vertigo started up. I decided to wait til the end of the workout to see if it would make my head spin or not. To my suprise I was okay. A little loopy but really I think I will be fine. Maybe now I can stop making excuses as to why I can't join a masters swim....

I woke up this morning to do my now weekly pilates class. I may even start doing it twice a week, but really its just to hang out with LG and hope that she brings me more cookies (need the recipe LG!!). Not sure if it will ever get easier but I can only get stronger.

NO RAIN NO RAINBOWS!!!!(saw that on the back of a guys shirt during this weeks 10K and love that motto)

I am supposed to do a track workout but its pouring AGAIN in sunny San Diego, so looks like a bike workout will occur tonight and a track workout later this week.

The flights and hotels are booked for Hawaii!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!


kristen said...

omg, your halareous! I thought I got out of control. So funny!

Totally stealing your swim workout today because my legs are shot. I do the same thing with people in the next lanes...

Missy said...

You would FOR SURE be a hit at my party. You and Kristen are my kind of girls - anything for a laugh, that's what I say.