Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jody Grylls

Today something bad happened. Something so so very bad. As a child I had serious night terrors about bugs. My parents had to buy me a care bear that was supposed to ward off all the bad bug dreams. I can still recall them to this day. There was the one where there were all these bugs on the walls making it look like the walls were moving. Then there was the one with the giant lady bug who was attacking me. I bought the whole care bear thing and got over it but still to this day I cannot kill or be around spiders or any other creepy crawlers.

Cut to todays lunch. There I was having our Tuesday lunch meeting. I had a lackluster lunch today. Not much food in the house so I brought some brie cheese and carrots and hummus...oh and some wheat thins. The wheat thins were all smushed so I just dumped them onto my plate. I would take a little brie on my knife and dunk it into the smushed wheat thins and eat them. I was getting full when all of a sudden I looked down and MY GODDAMN FOOD WAS MOVING!!! There was a maggot/worm like thing in my GD WHEATTHINS!!!! I immediately screamed, spit my food out and ran to the sink to wash out my mouth. My coworkers did not know what the hell was happening. I just kept yelling "get rid of it get rid of it!" One of the women from next door to us came running in "is it a rat?!" (that happened to me last year there). "NO I JUST ATE A MAGGOT!" Oh goodness I still can't really think about it. Even though the cheese and carrots and hummus were new I had to have them expose of all the evidence before I could sit back at the table. It will be a very long time before I can eat any of those things again. My body eliminated the parasites immediately so hopefully there was no harm done. My dad tried to convince me that I should go to the emergency room. I think he was f-ing with me. I had Bri google it and he said "whatever jodes Bear Grylls eats that kind of stuff all the time,....you're fine." I am going to go with that.

I woke up early today to go to pilates class. It was brutal. The instructor had these circular torture devices that made impossible moves even more difficult for me. I then went down to the local HS track that I had to do some searching to find to do my tempo workout.
Due to our 2 mile time trial I have a new 10K pace. When we did the 1 mile time trial that determined that my 10K pace would be 10:16. But after the 2 mile my new 10K pace is 9:31.
800M warm up
400M hard 8:00 pace-400 pace-400 hard-800 pace-400 hard-1 mile pace-400 hard-800 pace-400 hard-400 pace -400 hard
It was hard, my legs are certainly going to be toast. I found it pretty hard to hold the 9:30 pace, I was cramping (due to my lunch incident) and felt like I was either going at a 9:00 or a 10:20 pace. Will have to see what this means for our 10K this weekend. This is my chance to see what I am really capable of! Kind of excited for that!

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