Saturday, February 13, 2010

this is how I "roll"

One bottle of wine and I am shoving bread rolls into my pants, stand on chairs, and thrust them into the faces of strangers. Good times.

I managed a bunch of workouts this week, but took it easy on running because my feet were aching for some reason. Made it to two pilates classes this week. If Thursdays class had been Tuesdays class I definately would not have made it to two but its always good to start our your morning with total muscle fatigue. My legs have never shook like that before. It was a little weird but happened to all of us. I did a few two a days with either a swim or a bike at the end of the day and then of course I had to get sick again. I woke up THursday night certain that an alien was trying to come out of me. I kept running to the bathroom to throw up but I just couldn't bring myself to actually do it. Then I got sick of going from bed to bathroom so I kind of just hung out in there for a couple hours. Anyways I managed to make it into work for a few hours to see my kids and then took off and just moaned on the couch all day/night. You know its bad cause I bought a variety of cupcakes the other day and still have not been able to eat them. Brian just said "you must be feeling better, you stopped moaning" haha he is so right. It just helps to moan when sick. I stand by that. Anyways today I am not going with the team on the 50 mile bike ride. I am going to take it easy and do a swim and possibly yoga it up. Frank and Rhonda are flying in today as well so we are super psyched for their arrival!!! We also have a Valentine's wedding on Sunday so that should be super fun!! Can't wait for my first San Diego wedding!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Bri and I do not believe in this silly holiday and I am lucky to have a husband who sends flowers just because and takes me out to wonderful dinners on a regular basis. HOWEVER my wonderful father has always made this a special day with a card and a little something. I got a fun package from him with a personalized keychain from Brighton collectibles. SOooooooooooooo cute. Its got a pineapple that says "hawaii" a yellow VW buggie just like mine and a palm tree,,,,,,does he know me or what?! Oh and he got me a cute bracelet that says "believe in yourself" which I love but I have too tiny wrists so I will see if I can exchange it for a smaller one. I have the ass of a rapstars girlfriend, but the wrists of a 2 year old. haha thats funny.


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Kim said...

i dont even know what to say about that picture jod.